Emmanuel was slightly discombobulated when he fell from heaven.


9. Epilogue


One year later


"Welcome to Greenwood, Mr and Mrs Adams." The Sheriff smiled warmly, and shook the newlyweds' hands. They didn't smile back, distracted perhaps by the sheriff's secretary- an oddly feathery person, with a dour expression. They hurriedly glanced away as it began picking at its plumage.

Mr Adams patted his wife on the shoulder, and finally graced a smile. "Say, Sheriff-"

"Call me Christian." 

"Say, Christian the Sheriff." Mr Adams grinned. "Any tips about the house we're moving in to?"

"And which one would that be?"

"That cabin out in the desert-"


Mr and Mrs Adams stepped back at the sheer force of the sheriff's words. He seemed to realise his forthrightness, and backtracked quickly.

"I mean- you can't."

Mr Adams frowned. "But we've purchased it."

The Sheriff looked panicked. "But you can't, you can't live there-"

"They can live in the other cabin out in the desert. There's one about five kilometres further out that's exactly the same, but without the... um... tornado damage."

If the Adams' thought it strange for the feathery secretary to sound to miserably reasonable instead of demonic, they didn't mention it. 

The Sheriff saw them out, and kindly offered to settle them in to their new home. They chatted pleasantly as Mr Adams drove them through the desert, past the house that they'd been warned from. As the car revved by, they felt a was of cold over themselves, and were suddenly glad they would not be living in that place.

And if they saw the beautiful mural of flowers that lay nearby it though, they didn't mention it.








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