Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


9. Chapter 9

Niall's POV

I got up off the ground, grabbed Emily's hand and walked out the front door. I didn't need Madi, all I needed right now was Emily. We will soon be happy together now that we don't have to sneak around. We walked down the street to her house.

"Why are we going to my house?" she asked.

"Because we have to go somewhere else for a little bit."

"But we cant, my boyfriends at my house."

"We are over if you have a boyfriend." With that I walked away. I know I did the sane because of Madi. But I don't know it just didn't feel right.



Madi's POV

Niall left the house like ten minutes ago and just came back with a sad expression. It hurts to see him sad but he deserves it. I mean he broke my heart and I wasn't going to forgive him that easily. He came and sat on the couch so I got up and walked to my room. I locked my door and walked into my bathroom. I looked for something sharp. Anything. There it was. My razor was sitting on the side of the tub. I took it and placed it on my wrist and drew a slit. I winced in pain.

"Madi!" Harry shouted from outside my door. I quickly cleaned up and ran out to open the door. He stood there looking worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I didn't know what you were doing because you never lock the door." he said. I just gave him a smile and hugged him.


(2 weeks later)

I have been cutting a lot lately and thank god no one noticed. But I was starting to get annoyed with these long sleeve shirts on hot days. I was in the kitchen trying to grab something from the top shelf. I heard someone walk in and gasp. I turned around and Harry with his mouth open. I looked to where he was looking and found that my sleeve had gone up a little and you could see my cuts. I quickly covered them up and turned around.

"Why would you do that Madi?" he asked.

"He hurt me." I managed to get out.

"Who hurt you." he asked again.


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