Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV

I went and sat next to Madi after Niall left. She looked shocked.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked her. She looked at me and shook her head.

"I don't know he just walked away." she said. That doesn't sound like Niall.

"Well did you guys get into a fight earlier?"

"No he just asked me why I didn't say 'love you too' and I just said I am not ready and then he said bye and walked out the door."

"I will talk to him about it." With that I walked down to his guest room and knocked on the door. I didn't hear anything so I walked in and I wish I hadn't. There Niall was with a different girl, kissing. What about Madi?

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