Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


36. Chapter 35

Madi's POV

I hated this silence. It made this car ride seem like it took forever. When we finally parked the car, I got out so quick like my life depended on it.

"What's up with you?" Harry asked. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"What's up with me? That felt like the longest car ride ever. You guys are never that quiet!" I yelled. "Louis usually cant even sit still, let alone be quiet!" I added. Louis walked over.

"I can be quiet." he said looking offended. My eyes widened.

"No Louis I didn't mean it in a harsh way." I said. Everyone burst out laughing. I stood there with my hand on my hip. I knew something was up. If they were going to do that, I will give them the silent treatment. I wont talk for a couple of days. We all headed inside.

"I will put the names in." Haley said.

"Are you sure?" Niall asked her.



Niall's POV

"Are you sure?" I asked Haley. She nodded and went to work. She did it pretty fast too. I looked at them names and started laughing. Louis was CarrotStripes, Harry was Curly, Liam was DaddyD, Zayn was SleepingBeauty, I was NandosLover, Dani was Dancer, Perrie was Mixer, El was ShoppingManiac, Madi was SilentMommy, and Haley was MixOutOfEveryone. How did she fit such a long name in there? I shrugged.

"Lets get going!" Haley yelled.

"Your lucky we are the only ones here." I said about her yelling. She jumped onto my lap, snuggling into me. I smiled as someone took a quick picture of us. She is the most adorable thing ever. I regret hitting Madi so much. I regret having Chelsea as a girlfriend too. I regret it all. I regret everything I did after Madi left for Cheshire. I really need to talk to her.

-Skip the bowling scene-

We were all in the car now. Everyone was talking really loudly except for Madi.

"Hey Madi, do you think carrots are better than bananas?!" Louis yelled. We all looked at her waiting for an answer. But she just kept looking out the window.

"MADI!" Louis yelled. She didn't move an inch. We gave each other worried looks.

"Oh no not again." we heard Harry mutter.

"What do you mean 'not again'?" I asked. He didn't answer. He climbed over everybody and sat next to her.

"Madi please don't do this." he begged.



Harry's POV

She cant use the silent treatment again. Last time she did this was because of her breakup with her ex, it lasted a whole month.

"Madi at least look at me." I said. She turned her head towards me.

"Talk." I demanded. She just sat there looking at me. I sighed. I gave her a huge bear hug.

"Please talk to me. I cant stand another silent treatment. It hurts to see you like that." I whispered in her ear. She shook her head pulling away from the hug and turning towards the window.

"MADI!" I yelled catching everyone off guard. I had everyone's attention. "Talk." I demanded again. She shook her head again. This is going to be hard. And I also bet the others want an explaination. Wish me luck!

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