Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


33. Chapter 33

Harry's POV

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" I yelled once Madi, Haley, and El left.

"You should keep your sister out of my love life." Niall stated.

"Its your fault! You were the one that kissed her and made her think you loved her!" I yelled once again. Louis, Liam, and Zayn walked over to him.

"This is for making her think you loved her." Louis said and punched him in the face.

"This is for your anger towards her and Haley." Liam said punching him too.

"And this is for hitting a girl." Zayn finished with one last punch.

"Why do you care about her so much?" Niall asked. Are you kidding me?

"We think of Madi as our sister too. So that also makes Haley our niece." Perrie said. I forgot Perrie and Dani were still here. The yelling went on as I answered my ringing phone.


N-Hello, is this Mr. Styles?

H-Yes this is he. May I ask who you are?

N-I am a nurse from St. Mary's Hospital, I am calling about Miss Madison Styles.(Don't know if the hospital is near London or not)

H-That's my sister, is she okay?

N-She was in a horrible car accident. She wasn't badly hurt but she is in coma. I'm sorry.

H-I'm on my way.

I ended the call and ran into the living room with tears running down my face. Everyone stopped what they were doing when they saw me.

"We need to go to the hospital." I said. That's when everyone went into action. Perrie, Dani, Louis, and I were crying. Louis called El and told her to go to the hospital. Liam drove with Zayn in the passenger seat. The rest of us huddled into the back seat. It was a silent ride to the hospital. Once we parked I jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital, to the front desk.

"I'm looking for Madison Styles." I said to the receptionist.

"Second floor, room 309." I said thanks and ran to the room with everyone else. When we walked into the room Madi was awake.

"Harry!" she squealed. I gave her a loose hug because of her injuries.

"How bad did you hit your head?" I asked afraid to know the answer.

"I don't remember everything but I remember some things." she said sadly looking at everyone else.

"Do you remember anyone else in this room?" I asked. She looked at everybody carefully before smiling.

"How could I forget Haley, El, Perrie, and Dani." she said opening her arms for a hug which they gladly gave. She lifted Haley up onto the bed with her.

"Okay don't tell me your guy's names, I want to guess." Madi squealed looking at the guys. She studied Louis a little before closing her eyes.

"Carrots." she said. "loud, superman, pranks." she said opening her eyes. "That's all I remember about you sorry I don't know your name yet. But don't say it still." she said before studying Niall.

"Food, sensitive with a temper, Chelsea, father." Then she studied Zayn.

"Mirror, sleep, tattoos, bad boy." Then Liam.

"Responsible, caring, Daddy Direction, no spoons." Her eyes shot open making us flinch.

"LOUIS!!!!" she yelled. She shot out of bed and gave him a hug. At least she was aloud to wear her own clothes instead of a hospital gown. Louis was cheering and jumping around the room because she remember him.

"Zayn?" she asked pouting. What?

"Go ahead." he said smiling by her saying his name. She cheered and turned his hair from a quiff into a Mohawk. She clapped her hands at the work she did.

"How come you don't let any of us to touch your hair?" I asked.

"Its our thing, now I get to do her hair." he said taking hair ties out of Madi's hands. He French braided her hair. We gave him questioning looks.

"She does a Mohawk on me because I'm a bad boy, I do a French braid on her because she is a good girl. She taught me how." We all nodded. I never expected Zayn to learn to do girls hair. She sat back down on the bed after he was done and looked at Niall and Liam.

"Liam?" she asked. What do they do now. He nodded smiling. Madi took a spoon and taped it above his mouth like a mustache. I didn't think he could get that close to spoons. He took something out of his pocket and stuck it to Madi's face.

"It's itchy." she complained. She laid down on her bed and we all saw a fake mustache on her face. We all burst out laughing.

"Niall." she said causing all of us to stop laughing.

"Go ahead, I deserve it. Do it has hard as you can." he said scared.

"As hard as I can?" she asked while he nodded. Madi stood up on the bed. She put up two fingers to which Niall agreed. What the hell are they doing? She punched him in the face. She didn't hit him that hard so he didn't move an inch. Next, she slapped him which made him do a full turn and land on his bum. Then Madi jumped off the bed and gave him a hug. This was one heck of a day.

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