Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


25. Chapter 25

Niall's POV

Why didn't she tell me? I could've helped raise Haley. Now she's gone again. I am never going to be apart of Haley's life, I understand she didn't say anything because of Harry but I wanted to know. But I also feel bad for her because she was drunk and I could've stopped it, but I didn't, now Harry hates her and its all my fault. I grabbed my phone and called her.

(M- Madi N- Niall)

M- Hello?

N- Madi.

M- Niall.

N- Why?

M- Why what?

N- Don't play dumb! Why did you keep Haley from me?

M- No need to yell at me, I did what was right.

N- How is keeping my daughter away from me right?

M- It was right at the time. I didn't want Harry to get mad and never talk to me again, I also knew you didn't want a kid at the time.

N- Your right, I am sorry.

M- Its okay, now would you like to talk to Haley?

N- Yes please.

H- Heyyyyyyyyy.

N- Hey whatcha doin'?

H- I am with mommy in a car with Aunt El too.

N- How is your mommy?

H- She's good, but I don't know why she is crying.

N- Put mommy back on the phone please.

M- Hey.

N- Why are you crying?

M- I'm not.

N- Haley ratted you out.

M- *sighs* Fine I am not leaving yet so meet me at starbucks.

N- Okay bye.



Madi's POV

"El can you take Haley to your flat and get her to bed?" I asked. She nodded and hugged me before I gave Haley a kiss on the forehead. I walked into Starbucks, ordered a drink, and found a table. I waited ten minutes before Niall came in looking around for me. He sat down across from me, giving me a small smile.

"So can you please tell me why you were crying?" he asked.

"I miss you." I said the words before I could stop them. I put my hand over my mouth right after I said it, getting ready to leave. Right before I walked away, I felt him grab my wrist and pull me into a kiss. He was so gentle, yet passionate. He smiled into the kiss as I started kissing back. I pulled away to catch my breath.

"I should really go. Call or text me anytime." I said with a smile and gave him one last peck before leaving.

I walked into El's flat, smiling like an idiot.

"Hey how did it go?" she asked getting excited after seeing my huge smile.


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