Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


20. Chapter 20

Madi's POV (4 years later)

I sat with my mom on the bench in the park down the street. I am now 22and living with my 3 year old daughter, Haley.



Haley has my curly brown hair and her fathers blue eyes. She hasn't met any of the boys yet. Maybe sometime soon, like now.

"I think I might fly us out to London so she can meet the boys." I said to my mom breaking the silence.

"That's a good idea. You should also tell who the father is." she said trying to convince me.

"No mom I cant. I have to have Harry in my life. As far as everyone knows, she doesn't have a father." I said trying to get her to drop the subject. She did and we went back to silence before Haley came up to us.

"Mommy can you play with me?" she asked in cute little voice.

"Um actually, we have to pack because you are going to meet your uncles!" I said as happily as I could, getting her to smile. She giggled with excitement and grabbed her jacket.

"Lets go! I really wanna meet them." she yelled. I laughed at her reactions. I grabbed my jacket and her hand.

"Okay mom I will see you in a couple weeks." She nodded and gave us both a hug. Then we walked back to my house and started packing.

"Haley, which outfit for tomorrow?" I asked holding up two outfits. She chose the one with purple jeans, white shirt with butterflies and a purple scarf.

"Good choice." I said agreeing with her. She chose all of her other outfits for the visit. She may be young but she really has fashion sense, that's why I usually never pick her clothes out.

"Okay, its getting late. Bed time! Then tomorrow we get to fly there." I said happily. She loves hearing the words 'Bed time' because she just loves to sleep. She ran to her bed while I followed. When I got into her room, she was already asleep. That was easy. So I just went back into my room and booked the tickets for tomorrow. We have to leave as soon as we wake up.

When I got up, we had like half an hour to get to the airport. I jogged into Haley's room to see she was already awake.

"Are you ready? We have to leave right now." She nodded her head while ran downstairs to get her shoes on. I was already dressed and everything so all I had to do was grab the suitcases. I grabbed hers and mine then out to the car, locking the front door behind me. Haley sat patiently in the backseat as I put the suitcases in the trunk.

(skip plane ride)

I drove our rental car to a hotel and booked a room. I woke Haley up and grabbed our suitcases. We only had one bed, so we shared.

"Okay, are you ready to go meet your uncles?" Haley nodded and ran to the car. I don't know why she was so excited. Maybe its because she hasn't really seen much of our family. She only know me and my mom. I jogged behind her. She ran out the door so fast that I didn't even get to see what she was wearing. When I got to the car, I saw she was wearing red skinny jeans and a superman shirt. Lets just say she loves superheroes.

"Lets go! Lets go! Lets go!" she yelled as she got in the car. I laughed at her again. She really is the highlight in my life.

We finally got there. Haley was a little nervous cause she kept squeezing my hand as we walked up to the front door. I knocked on the door and waited for it to open. You could hear footsteps coming closer to the door, so Haley tried to hide behind me. She was so cute. The door swung open and there stood Harry. We really haven't kept in touch so he was kind of surprised.

"Madi!" he said but everyone heard it so they came running to the door. Even the girls were there.

"Madi!" they all yelled. I flinched because of the loudness and because Haley was squeezing my hand really super tight. I smiled.

"Hey guys!" I said as happily as I could.

"What are you doing here?" Niall asked rudely. Seriously?

"No need to be rude, Niall. Anyways I came here so you guys can meet someone." I said.

"Who are we suppose to meet?" Louis asked. I tried to move my hand so Haley could show her self to them, but she wouldn't budge. I turned around to her and gave her the look. She nodded so I turned back around. They all stood there confused. I took Haley's hand again and this time she showed herself. But she never let go of my hand.

"Guys, this is Haley. Haley this is Uncle Harry, Uncle Louis, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Liam, Uncle Niall, Aunt Perrie, Aunt Dani, and Aunt El." I said pointing to each of them. By then everyone was smiling. They all gave both of us a group hug, but since Haley didn't really know them, she just hugged me. They invited us inside and we sat in the living room.

"I love her eyes!" El said. That got me a little nervous because Niall has the same eyes. Everyone agreed on what El said.

"I love her outfit!" Louis said. We laughed at that but Haley was confused.

"Okay she has to get to know you guys. So say a couple things you like." I said and they agreed. Haley sat there waiting for them to speak.

"Well the only thing I really like is food." Niall said. That's another thing she got from Niall. Haley giggled.

"I like my sleep and look at my self in the mirror." Zayn said while looking in the mirror, which caused us all to laugh.

"Well I like batman and I am scared of spoons." Liam said. Haley was looking at him like he was crazy, I couldn't blame her though.

"I love superman, pranks and carrots." Louis said. Here we go on the carrots again.


Haley's POV

They were all telling me about themselves while I listened close. Now all that was left was Uncle Harry, and all of my aunts.

"Well I like my hair curly and my blazers." Uncle HArry said.

"I like to shop!" Aunt El said very loudly which caused everyone to laugh.

"I like to dance." Aunt Dani said.

"And I like to sing." Aunt Perrie said. That's when I spoke up.

"I am a little like each of you guys." I said very happily while mommy nodded.

"Like what?" Liam asked.

"Well I love superheroes, I have curly hair and sometimes wear blazers, I love to shop, dance and sing, I prank my mommy and grandma all the time, I love my sleep and food." I said.

"I call hanging out with her!" everyone shouted at the same time. That caused me to giggle.


Madi's POV

Its true, she has a mixture of everybody.

"Wait, so Haley pranked your mom?" Louis asked me. I just nodded.

"What did she do to your mom?" he asked again. Everyone was listening to us. When Haley heard we were talking about her prank on my mom, she smiled.

"I gotta say she is pretty smart for a three year old because I did nothing to help her." The nodded for me to continue." She changed my moms shampoo with hair dye. My mom came out of the shower with bright green hair." Everyone burst out laughing and Haley sat there with pride.

"So how much longer are you guys on break?" I asked the boys.

"Another couple of months." Liam said while I nodded

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