Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


17. Chapter 17

Author's Note: I just noticed that I never told you guys what the characters look like. I know you guys know what One Direction looks like, I also know you guys know what Perrie, El, and Dani look like so I am just gonna show you guys a picture of Madi.



Madi's POV

I hope they are having fun at home, now that they know I am okay. I just want to go home. I will just have to tell them that it is Niall's baby. No I cant do that, not yet at least. I am stressing too much. Maybe mom can help me. That's what I will do, I will go visit my mom. No, I am not gonna do that. Maybe I can find my own house and then a couple years later I can say that I had a baby but the father left or my new boyfriend can be the father. I am doing way too much thinking. But while I was out here I did realize that I can live on my own. I am gonna do it, I am gonna move out. But I have to find a house before I go back and start packing. I started looking for my laptop. I am totally not an organized person. I threw my clothes all over the room.

I looked in my suitcase even though I had it out the other day. I looked under the blankets and pillows. It was nowhere. I checked the last place I could and sure enough it was there, under the bed. I started looking up houses in Cheshire, so I could be close to my mom for help. She would understand. I found a small house and I called the person that owned it. I got the house, now all I have to do is go home and pack. I got on the next plane home.

I walked through the front door quietly so no one would know I was here. Everyone was in the living room and I sat down behind the couch. They were watching a horror movie and let me tell you, they all looked really scared. The boys were even too scared to hold the girls and comfort them. It was pitch black in the room because that's how you are suppose to watch scary movies and it was also night time. I decided to play with them a bit.

I went into the kitchen, knocked a pan down and hid inside a cupboard. I heard them all talking. They paused the movie.

"What was that?" I heard Perrie say. She was always scared.

"I don't know, everybody is in this room." Louis said. He actually sounded scared too.

"Jeez guys, I will go check it out." Harry said trying to be brave but we all knew he was really scared. I heard him come in the kitchen along with the others.

"Guys, a pan just fell off the hook." I then heard them walk back into the living room and play the movie. I got out of the cupboard when I knew no one would here me. I quickly turned bth the tv in the kitchen and the sink on, I ran back into the cupboard just as they came out.

"I swear there is someone in here or a ghost." El said.

"Lets just try to watch the movie one more time." Liam said and they walked back out to the living, playing the movie. I knew I had to scare them this time. I got out and walked behind the couch. When I noticed they were deep in the movie, I quietly walked upstairs and into Harry's bedroom. I let out a high pitch scream and hid under the bed. They came running up the stairs as scared as ever.

"Now I know someone is in this house." Harry said.

"We should check all of the rooms together so nothing happens to us." Zayn said. They came in Harry's room first but found nothing. When they left, I got and put on some black clothes that I had hid in Harry's room, I also had a microphone that changes your voice attached to my shirt and also had a gun.

"Lets just call the cops." I heard Dani say. Now is my time.

"If you call the cops, you die." They came in Harry's room looking really scared. I did a good job.

"I wish Madi was here, she would knock him out in one punch." Louis said to everyone.

"Oh don't worry about Madi, I already have her."

"What!?!?" Harry yelled. "Take me to be with her and leave these guys alone, or just shoot me and let her go." he added.

"You really care for her that much?" I asked him.

"I would do anything for her, just please let her go."

"Well today is your lucky day, just let me go get her and you stay right here and don't move at all." They nodded like there was no tomorrow. They watched as I took my microphone off but it was so small they couldn't see it. Then I took my ski mask off.

"Madi!" They all came and hugged me.

"Why did you scare us like that." I just shrugged.

"I have something to tell you guys." They all stood waiting for me to talk.

"I came back to pack because I am getting older and decided to move back to Cheshire."

"But you cant leave us, we are nothing without you."

"But guys, I am getting older and I have to live somewhere on my own or I will end up having no money and having buy me things and then I will live with him for the rest of my life. But that's not what I want. I want Harry to be able to spend his money on himself and not have me in the way."

"Wow you totally have this all figured out, don't you?" I nodded my head and started getting my suitcases out.

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