Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


15. Chapter 15

Niall's POV

Its been a week since Madi left and nobody is doing good. Harry is constantly crying, Louis keeps staring into space and El cant even get him to stop, Liam tries to calm Harry down because that's what Madi wanted him to do, Zayn wasn't really that close to her so he is kind of fine, and last but not least I am coping. Nothing is going right and I just hope she comes home soon.


Madi's POV

I wish I was back home. I keep throwing up and have these weird cravings and cramps. If I was home, Harry would tell what it was because he knows stuff like that. Then it finally hit. I remember my cousin having the same things as me and it was because she was pregnant. Oh god no. I cant have a kid yet and the only person that could be the father is Niall. He was the only one. I don't want him to know he has a child. Oh god, what will Harry think? He wont ever want to talk to me again. I walked to the pharmacy just to check and bought some pregnancy tests. I took them back to the hotel I was staying at and waited five minutes after I used all three of them. They all said positive. I am going to die. Maybe I will just wait a couple of weeks and say I got drunk, had a one night stand and got pregnant, I will also say I don't know who the father is. This is bad. I wonder how the boys are doing, I think I will give them a call.

(M- Madi H- Harry Li- Liam L- Louis N- Niall E- El)

H- Hello?

M- Harry?

H- Madi?

M- Yeah put me on speaker phone.

LI-L-N-E- Hey Madi!

M- How have you guys been doing?

E- I will tell you. Harry wont stop crying, Louis just stares of into space, Liam is trying to help Harry, Niall is coping, and Perrie is with Zayn trying to help him out.

M- Guys I am really sorry.

H- Its okay, can you just come home?

M- I cant right now Harry, I am gonna stay here only for another week or two.

L- But I need my best friend that I can mess around with back. Who else is going to help me with pranks and who else will try to steal my carrots away and wont down without a fight, but in the end you always end up eating the carrots and I have to buy more.

M- I am really sorry Louis but these next two weeks will go by really fast. I have to go bye.

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