Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


14. Chapter 14

Madi's POV

Niall doesn't know what he is doing to his friendship with the other lads. This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me. What if I left home? That would probably disturb them more. But I think I have to leave to get rid of the stress. I didn't say anything, I just walked up to my room, shut and locked the door. I pulled out a huge suitcase and started stuffing clothes in it. After that was done, I checked the flight arrangements to see that I leave tonight. I'm heading to Paris for a little bit. I made sure my door was locked before I threw my suitcase out the window and jumped out with it. I then made my way to the car and started driving. By the time the boys wake, I will be on the plane.



Harry's POV

It was noon now and Madi still hasn't woken up. She usually wakes up at about nine. I walked up to her room and tried to open it but it was locked. That worried me because of her cutting problem. She wouldn't answer the door so I busted it down. I looked around and saw most of her stuff gone. She left a note on the bed.

Dear Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall,

      I decided it was best for me to leave for a little bit. Don't worry I wont be gone long. I need some time to think about what happened. Also please stop beating up Niall, I mean I know he deserves it but violence is never the answer. Harry I hope you know I will always love you and I will miss you most of all since you're my brother. Liam, take care of the boys and make sure they don't do anything stupid. Louis, I want you to be the same happy and loud person as usual. Zayn, make sure your hair stays perfect and try to tame Harry. Finally Niall, I will miss you even though you did those things I will never recover from. I will be back a little while. I'll miss you guys.



I couldn't take it, I fell to the ground crying hard. Everyone heard me as they came running up the stairs. I gave them the note and saw some tears. I don't know why Niall was crying though, he was one of the reasons she left. Liam tried to comfort me, while trying to hold tears in but nothing would work.

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