Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Niall and Madison were best friends until they fall in love. What happens when Niall starts to ignore her and distances himself from her? Read this movella to find out.


13. Chapter 13

Louis's POV

That doesn't sound like Niall. Harry started to walk to his room.

"Hey mate, why don't you let me get this one." I said. He nodded so I got up and walked to Niall's room. I didn't even knock.

"What's your problem! You are not suppose to talk to girls like that. Cant you show a little respect?!" I yelled at him. He looked taken back.

"You don't even know what I said."

"Well Madi just threw you under the bus."

"That little-"

"Just shut up. I have heard enough of you." I cut him off.

"Louis just stay out of it. Its not your fight."

"This wouldn't have even started if you didn't cheat on her or tell her she is no good. She isn't a worthless piece of crap!" I yelled. I had it. I walked up to him and punched him. He stumbled back.

"Why do you guys keep hitting me?!?!?!?"

"Think about what you did and then you will understand why we do it." I walked downstairs again.

"He isn't gonna learn anytime soon." I said to everybody else. They just shook their heads.

"What is his problem?" Liam asked. I shrugged.

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