Just The Bestfriend

“Don’t you get it Ashton? I love you okay! But I am just your friend.” I sobbed putting my hands on his chest balling it into fists.

“W-What?” He stuttered.

I groaned and pulled my wet hair. “Nothing! Just forget it okay?!”

I wiped my tears away from my eyes and ran away, leaving my one and only true love.


1. Rules


Just The Bestfriend 

Hello there! I am Erika and the author of this story :)

So first off, ☝️

All characters, names, buildings, brands, etc. are COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. Meaning they are not true. 


I do have swear words on this story so if you do not handle curses I suggest you just un-heart and and look for other stories. 


I accept hate and harsh comments but don’t expect me too reply back.


You can also make story covers for me if you’d like :) 


If you want to make MY story a copy, do so. I am allowing you too. Weird huh? But on one condition. You MUST admit that your story is copied and please please don’t exactly copy mine. Do other twists. 😂


I do not have an updating schedule meaning I update whenever I feel like it :). So if you comment that I should update faster then do so. The more comments I receive the faster I update.


If you ask for a follow back I will do that but if I didn’t follow you in the last 3 days then just remind me :) by going to my profile and PM me👐 


I don’t ask for any hearts, comments, favourites or any follow. I will just make this story request free XD! 👏


So . . Enjoy reading everyone!


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