The Monster I Hide

I have a secret. A deep, dark secret that I have been hiding since birth. Once you learn it, you won't come back. No second thoughts. Would you like to know it?


4. Would You Like To Die?

3 months later before alley way scene

I dropped my bag on the table and bounded up the stairs. Me and Caleb are going to hang out later tonight. I feel a smile grow on my face. Me and Caleb. He helps my monster. He fills the hole in my heart that my dad left behind. He doesn't care that I'm covered in blood. He cares that I'm happy. But we don't have long. Tonight will be our last night together. I'm moving with my mom back to Romania. As I yank off my school shirt and pull on a fresh shirt, my phone buzzes with a text. I pick it up with a smile, but it fades as I read the text. Dropping the phone, I dash out of the house, not even bothering to stop for shoes. The cracked screen of the phone read, I'm sorry, I can't go on anymore. You're leaving me. I can't. Goodbye. 

Where would he go, where would he go? I asked myself frantically. As I run in front of one of the many clubs in town, somebody steps out in front of me, and we collide. 

"Watch where you're going!" I yell at the dark figure on the ground. I pull myself up frantically.

"I don't have time for this, I've got to find Caleb!" a familiar voice cries frantically. Gaping, I pull the person up.

"Madison?!" I exclaim. "Why are you looking for Caleb?" Trembling, she shows me a text message on her phone. You win, Madison. I'll leave, just like you told me to. You win. Are you happy now? 

"You told him to kill himself?!" I roared at her. 

"I didn't think he would do it!" she cries pathetically. "Do you know where he is?" My thoughts racing, an image came to mind.

"The alley way!" I gasp to myself. "Come on!" I yell at Madison, and we race through the dark. Turning the corner into the alley way where Caleb and I had spent so much time, my eyes met a broken body on the ground. 

"No," I whispered to myself, crouching down next to it. Turning the body over revealed the blue eyes of my only friend in the world. The only person who understood me. Madison shifted behind me. I turned to her, my monster growing. 

"I told you, you do not want to get me angry," I growled, my monster rising from the depths. 

"I'm sorry,'' she whimpered, shrinking against the wall. Letting out a scream, I launched myself at her, the monster fully rising out to take its place. My hands closed around her neck, a maniacal grin on my face as I began to shred her body. The killing has begun. When I finished, I looked at her body. 

"Would you like to die?" I whispered to her, collapsing against the alley way wall. 

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