The Monster I Hide

I have a secret. A deep, dark secret that I have been hiding since birth. Once you learn it, you won't come back. No second thoughts. Would you like to know it?


5. Goodbye


The monster inside me moans and screams,

Longing for them to be here with me,

My hand passes over carved stone,

Wishing that I wasn't alone,

Before me lies two graves,

Two people I couldn't save,

Two people who understood,

That inside me there was some good,

They helped me escape,

They helped me reshape,

But now two holes in my heart,

They have now left agape,

And now I'm left behind,

The monster no longer confined,

And now I ramp and rage,

My humanity locked in a cage,

Yet every time I close my eyes,

Behind those lids their faces do lie.

So here at the end,

 I do stand,

Ready to leave this life.

Now in this book resides,

The life I left behind,

Read if you dare,

But always beware, 

That monster inside of me,

It could also be in thee.



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