DragonBall Battle of Chaos

This is a continuation of the popular DragonBall series. It is set right after the GT story line. It's a great and powerful story about Goku and all his friends taking on new enemy's and fighting new great powerful foes! Things will get rough. If you have seen or heard of the DragonBall franchise then I highly recommended that you watch it. It's a great show with tons of action, adventure and comedy. I urge you all to read this story cause it one you'll never forget.


2. Alliances

As he was flying to his friends house, a boy stopped over the battle where Gohan was getting pounded. He couldn't stand to see Gohan get beat up so badly. He flew down to aid his friend. He saw Gohan all busted open in the rubble of a building. He ran over to it. " Gohan what happened?" he asked.

" Trunks is that you? Gohan asked.

" Ya it's me Gohan, why are you so badly beaten?" Trunks asked.

" It's because of him" Gohan said as he pointed at the white haired man.

" I'm gonna beat that guy senseless!!!" Trunks said as he transformed into a Super Sayian.

" Trunks, NO!!!!!!!!!!" Gohan shouted but Trunks had already flown and charged at the white haired man. Trunks attacked the man with all of his strength but it wasn't enough. Then as he was slammed to the ground, he heard a familiar voice.

" Long time no see Trunks" he said.

" Goten, it's you!!" Trunks shouted.

" No time for hellos" said another voice, " we have fighting to do." It was Uub, who'd come to help out the z warriors. Gohan got back up on his feet with the others.

" Come on guys, we can take him" Trunks said.

" He's not as easy as it looks" Gohan says, " He destroyed us in our Super Sayian forms, so I'll have to crank it up a notch!" He powered up and transformed into a Super Sayian 2.

" We'll kick this guys ass" said Trunks!!

" Alright guys" Gohan said without a single bit of doubt in his head, " Let's go!" And with what they attacked him head on. Everybody got pulmarized by the white haired man. They all charged up the biggest blasts they could gather up and fired them at him but to no avail.

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