The Roadtrip

Lillian was your average girl, until her father decided to sign up to the be the body guard to five of the most unpredictable boys on the planet. The only relief that she gets is when she gets to talk to her best friend, Mya, every once in a while to make her feel like a human again. Fights break out, love is to be shared, adorable moments are had. Of course when they go on tour, things change a bit. Being in close quarters constantly forced them to spend time together, which isn't always bad. This is the story of how Lillian and Mya's lives were changed forever.


1. Introduction

(A/N: Thank you for reading! This chapter might be a little dry and kind of fast, but that's only because it's the first chapter. As the chapter goes on, the writing seems to get better. Anyway, thanks!)

Lillian's POV


           I'm nothing special honestly. Trust me, I'm not one of those gorgeous girls who say, "Noo, I'm not that pretty..." I'm honestly just an average girl, who was  living an average life. More on that later. 

           I'm hardly even 5 feet tall, I have chestnut red hair and bright green eyes to contrast. I've got no freckles, just an awkwardly shaped nose and an average body. My nails are usually painted but chipped, my hair straight yet uncombed. Then, on the other hand, is my best friend Mya. 

          Mya is short like me, but she has an amazingly gorgeously curvy body. Her eyes are the best green anyone could ask for, and she's got brown hair that's not too short and not too long, dip-dyed red. She always wears a lot of makeup, but she looks perfect with it. She looks perfect without it, despite what she always keeps telling herself. Everything about her screams gorgeous. 

         One day Mya and I were skyping as we've always done, when my dad Paul barged into my room. 

"Thanks for knocking." I mumbled, hoping he couldn't hear me. Of course, because all parents have super-hearing, he heard. 

"You're welcome, ya brat." He was kidding, and I stuck my tongue playfully out at him. 

"Is that your dad?" Mya asked, hardly audible on my computer. 

"Hello, Mya." Dad groaned. 

"Hi!" She sang happily. 

             With great hesitation, Dad sat gently down at the foot of my bed. Oh no.. what was going on? He only does this when he's talking about something serious. 

"Listen, love.." He began. I could tell from his voice that nothing about this conversation would be good. "I've got a new job.. I'm going to be a body guard for this band.. they're called One Direction." 

"One Direction?!" Mya gasped, probably being thrown into a full on panic attack. 

I could do nothing but stare dumbfounded at my dad, my mouth agape. 

"Yes, Mya. Anyway.. We're going to be touring the world. Lillian, you're coming with me." 

"What? W-What about school and my friends and.. and everything?" I exclaimed, my eyebrows knitting in concern. 

         I saw him breathe out a deep sigh, trying to collect all of his thoughts. 

"Well.. I've decided that you can take a friend. Of course, I'm assuming that you're taking-" 

"Please!" Mya begged me. A small giggle passed my lips. 

"Of course, you're coming, Mya. I wouldn't be able to survived without you." I smiled widely at her, aware that her excitement would be taking over her soon. 

"Yes! Oh my gosh ohmygosh I'm so excited." She began rambling, which is totally understandable. "Everyone is going to be so jealous! Yaas I'm so happy." We'd started saying 'Yas' as a joke, but unfortunately, we've started actually saying it accidentally.  

               My dad sighed, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. 

"So.. it's settled then? I'll work everything out with her mother. This will be good for you." He smiled widely at me, somehow letting me know that everything will be okay, no matter what. I returned a small smile, nodding. 




           Once everything was settled with Mya's family, we made arrangements to meet up with the boys on their tour bus. Basically, the whole thing would be one giant roadtrip. They won't be flying overseas for a while, and when they do, it will just be to another freaking tour bus. Woo hoo. 

          We left about three weeks later, our bags packed and excitement raised. Mya filled me in on the boy's names, which I would catch onto soon after meeting them. The parking lot in which we were planning on meeting was dismal, abandoned, and all around creepy. Weren't these guys supposed to be super rich? 

"This place is creepy.. I feel like I'm gonna get mugged." Mya grumbled, clutching her phone close to her. 

"I know.. this place is creepy.." 

             We'd driven in a black SUV, with tinted windows, which only added to the creep factor. So, naturally, an identical car pulled in. 

"Seriously, are we in a straight up horror movie?" I questioned, running a hand clumsily through my hair. 

"There they are. " My dad said, finally tuning into the conversation. We were informed that we weren't going to see a lot of my dad, and we were going to basically be around this band, and the band who was opening for them. Something like 5 Seconds of Summer? I don't know, Mya was talking too fast. 

         The five guys climbed out of the car, stretching out their legs and groaning. 

"Oi, Niall. Where'd you put the snacks?" Called one of them, his brown hair swept up into a quiff, perfectly matching his blue-green eyes.  The blonde one responded in an Irish accent. 

"Put 'em in teh back, mate." I couldn't help but giggle at his response. 

"Boys... I'm Paul. You're new bodygaurd." My dad smiled, shaking all of their hands. "And this is my daughter, Lillian, and her friend, Mya." 

           I saw the tall one, Harry, smiling warmly at my best friend as he slowly took her hand and shook. I could tell that she was holding back from laughing, but she couldn't hold back her intense blushing. 

"Hello, love. I'm Harry." His voice was rough  and deep, extremely attractive. I almost had to take a step back. 

"M-Mya." Funny, she was never one to stutter. 

"Girls, this is; Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. You'll meet the other band tomorrow or so." He pointed to each of the boys as he spoke their names, each of them giving a small wave and smile. 

"Hello." I say shyly, brushing my hair behind my ear. 

"Oh, you'll also meet Ally. She's Michael's girlfriend." I nodded, assuming that Michael was a part of the other band or something like that. 


                   After a few minutes of loading our bags into the large SUV and chatting lightly-- though Mya and I stayed silent most of the time-- we hopped into the car. The car sat eight people; Zayn in the passenger seat, Louis, Harry, and Liam in the middle row, with Mya, Niall and I in the back. Since I was the smallest of everyone, I was squished in the middle. Niall was short as well, so it wasn't  too uncomfortable. 



                       I've lost track of how many hours we have spent in this car. It's difficult to keep time when you're running from the paps and dodging insane fans. It's about two in the morning, and everyone is dozing off. Mya looks adorable when she sleeps, and I could see Harry giving small glances back at her every once in awhile. A small smirk crossed by lips, but eventually my eyelids grew heavy. 

              Without my realizing it, I rested my head onto Niall's shoulder, and his head rested on mine in turn. A tiny sigh escaped my lips, hardly even audible. The warmth radiating from his body kept me warm, his skin feeling soft and smooth against mine. He smelled of Axe cologne and some kind of hair gel. It comforted me for some reason-- but then again, all good smelling boys comforted me. We should be there in a few hours. Might as well get some sleep. I thought to myself. 


Ally's POV

               Michael's arms were wrapped protectively around me, keeping my close and warm. His heartbeat gave me a sense of safety, lulling me into a sleepy state. See, this was the best thing about our relationship; Just sitting on the couch with each other. Sometimes I would play with his hair, other times we would just lay in silence. My favorite was when we would talk and talk for hours. 

                People told me I wasn't good enough for him, but is anyone really? To be fair, I'm about 5'6", I have a pretty good figure.. kinda. I have curly caramel colored hair that cascades to the middle of my back, deep black-brown hazel eyes, and a wide smile. (Although my smile is a bit too wide at times. I don't like it too much.) I'm pretty curvy, but that has it's good and bads-- like everything. Michael Clifford is just perfect to me. 

"When are the boys getting here?" I murmur, sleep in every aspect of my voice. A shrug arises out of him. 

"At like two in the afternoon tomorrow." He replies. I'd always loved his deep voice. 

"Are you excited to be touring with One Direction again?" He smiled widely and nodded. 


                   The TV whispered to the both of us as we drifted into sleep. My dreams were filled with adventure and wonder, but they'd be forgotten by morning. 


Lillian's POV

"How much longer? I smell like a pig." I murmured to Mya, causing her to giggle. 

"Just a few more hours. We'll get there at 1:30 or so." She took out her phone and began to scroll through it. 

                  It wasn't until then that it dawned onto me. I'm not going to be at home for a long time. I'm going to be hopping from hotel to hotel, bus to bus. And if any "fans" see me with these guys, I'll probably start to get hate on social medias. The thought caused me to roll my eyes. Without another care in the world, my earbuds were popped in and my music drowned out everything around me. 

                 Finally, finally, finally we arrived in the front of a lavishly lovely hotel. It looked absolutely beautiful, nicer than anything I could have ever afforded. It all seemed usual to them; pulling into the backway and sneaking into the building with hoods up. What did fans even do to them anyway? Must have been something nasty. Mya and I helped my dad unload all of the bags, which were taken care of by the other people who pulled up in with and identical black SUV. 

                   The lobby was large and magnificent, with wonderfully carved wood furniture. The carpets had a gorgeous red pattern, which was warm and welcoming. Louis plopped his duffel bag down at his side, turning to Mya and I. 

              His smile was wide and warm, dimples appearing under his sharp cheekbones. "Well," He begins. "Here we are." 


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