To Be a Victim

I live near the are where the Franklin Regional stabbings happened. I feel for the kids who were hurt and their families. But I also feel kind of bad for the boy who did it. Since I was once bullied myself, I got the idea to write about certain situations I and many of friends went through or just random incidents. The consequences are great if a bullying situation is not handled properly. Please if you see someone being bullied, in or out of school, tell someone!


6. "Special" People

I don't know if you guys ever walk into the cafeteria and just take a second to look at the groups of people. Do you see the jocks sitting together? What about the cheerleaders? Then the regular kids?

Have you ever taken a little time to look for the nerds or the kids with special needs?

My school cafeteria has three sections: A, B, C. All the popular jocks and cheerleaders sit in the back in Section C. Some of those popular kids and the wannabes sit in Section B. Then the nerds and special needs kid sits in Section A in the front need the food lines.

I sit in Section A but I am not a nerd or have special needs. I sit with my friends [they are not nerds either] and I have a great time for a half an hour.

In front of my table there is a table of my friends who are considered nerds and are always called weird. I admit it is a little odd that their lives revolve around My Little Pony and Adventure Time. But as I watch the cheerleaders and jocks walk by them, they laugh and call my friends names. No matter how hard I try to stop those jerks, they still continue to laugh.

I don't even think that my friends know what the jocks are laughing about. Which makes me feel worse about having to watch this every single day. Then the teachers not doing anything about it. You could say my school is like the ones on TV.

I have been meaning to write this chapter for awhile.

Just because someone has Autism, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, etc. doesn't mean that they are aliens from a whole other planet. It just means that they see the world in a different way and do things their way. I should know, a large portion of my family is diagnosed with one of the syndromes above.

They may look a little different. Some of the ones in my class have full mustaches or beards. A couple are on the heavier side. Some don't care about their personal hygiene and come in filthy. But they are human.

One boy loves classic rock and comes in with headphones everyday. One girl loves Japanese Anime and draws them in her notebook. They all like video games.

But I finally got to writing this after what I saw in gym class a few days ago. We were playing the most intense game of soccer. Literally, it was a fight to the death. And Alex [classic rock kid] was a captain. He was having a great time until one of the ball hog jocks was allowed in the game.

Every time Alex got the ball, CJ [jock] made a goal to get the ball off or away from him any way possible. Alex hung in there for a long time. But when Alex took the ball off of CJ when he wasn't looking, CJ flipped out [all of his jock friends were making fun of him].

"What the Hell is wrong with you? You retard!"

That had been the breaking point for me. I went up to CJ and called him the retard and I hung out with Alex for the rest of class.

Another story with CJ. We were playing tchoukball [google it] and I finally got the ball. I saw one of the My Little Pony girls and tried to pass the ball to her when CJ came out of nowhere and grabbed the ball midair. I was pissed! You could say CJ and I don't have the greatest relationship. ;-]

As a matter of fact, I don't have a good relationship with any of the jocks or cheerleaders. They are too bitchy for moi!

I think it is terrible someone calls someone else a mean name because they are different. I hope our generation will teach the next the right thing to do.

Always report bullying if you see it!

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