To Be a Victim

I live near the are where the Franklin Regional stabbings happened. I feel for the kids who were hurt and their families. But I also feel kind of bad for the boy who did it. Since I was once bullied myself, I got the idea to write about certain situations I and many of friends went through or just random incidents. The consequences are great if a bullying situation is not handled properly. Please if you see someone being bullied, in or out of school, tell someone!


9. Secret Bullying

Bullying doesn't always have to be between a bully and his/her victim. It can always be between friends who have hit a bumpy road in their relationship.

Since school has started bullying has hit another high again, at least at my school.

The jocks, cheerleaders, and pretty people continue to rule the school, while my fellow middle kids and nerds look on. We look on with disgust.

Those people walk around like their "shit doesn't smell". They continue to bully and the teachers no longer have backbones to do anything about it. We are left to defend ourselves.

But there is still bullying within friends and groups.

A few months ago a person contacted me on Movellas for advice. Her friends had been leaving her out and her best friend was ignoring. She felt her best friend was choosing her other friend over her.

They refused to talk to each other and this made the best friend upset.

But she went around and told everyone that her friend was bullying her. This rumor got around and everyone started to defend the best friend.

So much for a best friend...

But when she tried to make up with the best friend, the best friend refused to talk to her. She claimed that she was still upset. Although my friend was the one who had the trouble from the beginning.

She wanted my advice. I felt happy to help.

Like I have mentioned before, I lost one of my best friends in the fifth grade to the "Popularity Bug".

The "Popularity Bug" is like a disease that ravages through middle and high schools. And some rare forms make it into the elementary schools. This causes girls and boys to turn into selfish snobs and act like they are Kings and Queens.

And as I'm writing this, I feel like the same thing is happening to me again. I have been having trouble with my friends recently and its been hard. The way they talk to me hurts, and it makes me feel bad.

Its bullying but they still consider themselves as my friends.

But back to the girl, I said to slowly leave her old friends. Let them slip away while you make new friends that appreciate you for who you are. No one deserves to have friends who disrespect them and make them feel bad. To make them hate going to school everyday.

Sometimes I need to follow my own advice.

Bullying is an indescribable feeling. No words can fully explain what a victim feels during their time being harassed by a bully. But then to be bullied by your friends is even worse.

You try to cope with it. Try to push it down, and not feel it.

But the feeling of dread and sadness eats away at you, even when you put a smile on your face. You feel worse everyday you think about it.

I can still quote my best friend in fifth grade word for word when she dumped me to become a cheerleader. The "Popularity Bug" had gotten to her.

Bullying goes on everyday.

And in my school it is worse ever since my school had a lot of people from different countries enroll. There is a kid in my homeroom who is from China and barely knows any English.

Sadly, people take advantage of that. And the teachers stand there and watch.

Report bullying if you ever see it!

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