To Be a Victim

I live near the are where the Franklin Regional stabbings happened. I feel for the kids who were hurt and their families. But I also feel kind of bad for the boy who did it. Since I was once bullied myself, I got the idea to write about certain situations I and many of friends went through or just random incidents. The consequences are great if a bullying situation is not handled properly. Please if you see someone being bullied, in or out of school, tell someone!


5. Mean Girls by Rachel Crow

Do you ever go to lunch with no one by your side

'cause the moment you arrive they all leave the table

Calling me everything but my name

Need I need to remind you again just call me Rachel

How would you feel if you running home crying

lock yourself in your room don't won't anyone to see ya

while every one's outside and your telling yourself


I won't let it get to me no more 

I don't want to feel this way

i can't believe I let it go this far

no, no it's not okay

What do you know about me?

Do you want to know what I think?

Mean girls mean girls

Im a just gonna comb you out of my curls

Mean girls mean girls

You no longer run my world

mean girls mean girls

I'm a just comb you out of my curls


how would  you feel every time you go to school

someone looking at you weird and calling you a loser

all these girls wearing bubblegum pink

i guess I didn't get the memo laughing in my blue shirt

well I hope you feel good  about you 

treating someone you know like a perfect stranger

cause it's easier stand by my side



Who do you think you are? 

Loud mouth cafeteria star

maybe someone was cold to you

and you think that is what you're suppose to do

 One day it might be you

when you need a friend but you're no longer cool

but everyone in the leaves when you walk in the room

That's when they forgive you


mean girls mean girls

you no longer run my world


I think this a perfect song to listen to when you feel down. It just makes you feel more powerful and makes you forget all about those girls or boys bullying you. But if you are keeping the bullying a secret, you have got to tell someone you trust about it. They will help. Not all people in this world are terrible.

but if they continue to bully you, tell them to go fuck a tree! 

Yes I just wrote that. It is my catch phrase. 

The song belongs to Rachel Crow and not me. I own absolutely nothing!

Please report bullying if you are a victim or witnessing it! Please comment!


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