To Be a Victim

I live near the are where the Franklin Regional stabbings happened. I feel for the kids who were hurt and their families. But I also feel kind of bad for the boy who did it. Since I was once bullied myself, I got the idea to write about certain situations I and many of friends went through or just random incidents. The consequences are great if a bullying situation is not handled properly. Please if you see someone being bullied, in or out of school, tell someone!


7. Bullying Gone Wrong

FR Strong!

You know a third of teenagers report being bullied every year.

No? Well how about 4,400 teens kill themselves every year.

I don't know why people pick on others. I seriously don't. You must have so much hate inside of you to hurt someone else. But they continue to do it even if something happens to their prey. Or the victim does something to his/her selves

Franklin Regional: April 9, 2014

It is suspected that the person who went around with those 10 inch knives was bullied. He was looking for revenge for the years of torment. And the majority of people who were stabbed were the jocks and cheerleaders who were bullying him.

I'm not saying I have anything against jocks or cheerleaders but it seems the majority of bullies are the popular ones.

Reference the lyrics to Mean Girls by Rachel Crow. It mentions the popular girls picking on those who aren't popular. But they were once held to that standard.

I regret the days, hours, valuable minutes of my life that I wasted worrying about my appearance so much that it made me feel bad about myself. I wondered if I have a thigh-gap. Or if my face was perfectly symmetrical. What do people think about my height [I'm 5'9]? These old sweat pants aren't like the skinny jeans she had on. I don't have any booty shorts.

It was horrible.

But thanks to my mother, I was pulled out of Girly-Girl world and brought back to reality. I'm back to not worrying about my hair or make up. I never wear make up except on special occasions. What is a thigh-gap? I don't care!

My friend was bullied for dying her hair. She was aiming for purple but it wasn't perfect. It ended up staying an awkward bluish-red. I hated listening to all the people laughing and only having the ability to talk back to them.

I caught my friend cutting herself in school. She was on the bathroom floor during lunch and as I walked by I heard her crying. I ran in and saw she had something in her hand [scissors] and her wrist and arm were bleeding. She kept screaming that she was sick of two boys picking on her because she was very skinny.

That made me even angrier. I reported them before and confronted them multiple times. I can't keep an eye on her, I have one class with her the whole week.

I bandaged her up and cleaned up the bathroom. We have never talked about since. But on the bright side, she hasn't hurt herself or has said anything about the two boys being a problem.

I understand bullies are human too, but they sure don't act like it!

Please report bullying if you see it!!!!!!

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