To Be a Victim

I live near the are where the Franklin Regional stabbings happened. I feel for the kids who were hurt and their families. But I also feel kind of bad for the boy who did it. Since I was once bullied myself, I got the idea to write about certain situations I and many of friends went through or just random incidents. The consequences are great if a bullying situation is not handled properly. Please if you see someone being bullied, in or out of school, tell someone!


3. Bullying at School

I love how stupid teachers can be sometimes when it comes to bullying.

Have any of you noticed while in school bullying happens in the classroom while the teacher is teaching? Or while students are having a break and it happens in front of them? Maybe even in a hallway when there is absolutely no one else? 

You see, this stuff happens often in my school. And I'm sick of it! 

My math teacher (she is dedicated to this bc she was a bully once) told my class a little fact. This  didn't surprise me at all. The Spring time is the time that most drama occurs in teenage girls. It's also the time where teen suicide goes up substantially. 

I don't think teen girls should commit suicide because they were bullied so much they felt like they had to end it all. I don't think anyone should commit suicide for anything. Suicide is a very sensitive topic to talk about in my family for many reasons.

Back to the first topic, I hate it more than I hate sudden ending to good books. I hate watching teachers do nothing about a bullying situation. And I know that my teachers go through a bullying seminar every year. They are taught what to do when they see a student verbally or physically. And I see them apply none of it.

Anyone else notice it?

But as I think about it more and more, it was twice as worse in elementary school.

I still remember the day clearly, it was a chilly day I believe in early April, late march. I was in fourth grade. I was talking to my favorite teacher who was on recess duty. We were standing by the basketball courts as some fifth graders were playing extreme kickball. To count a run you had to do some cool trick to get onto home plate. So when one kid joined the game started to get really intense. 

It only got intense because no one liked that kid, he was "special". I'm sorry if I offended anyone but that is the only way I can think of how to say it. 

So the kid was on third base and the batter came up, they others all wanted the kid to do a front flip. I admit it was a little stupid that the kid agreed to do it. Just as the kid was about to jump, recess was over and everyone was filing inside. I was just about to run when I look back at the kids and the is running toward home base. Just when he attempts the front flip, the bully grab the kid's foot and the kid went flying. 

And just when you thought it was bad enough half of those kids were laughing at him and the other half walked away. I ran over to my teacher and she pretended to care. You can tell when someone is lying and my detector was beeping off the chart! 

I ended up pulling the kids who were laughing and beating up the already injured kid off of him. Then I ended up carrying him to the nurse's office. I don't think those kids got in trouble too!

Bullying is bad enough when it's verbal or on the internet but physical is the last straw! 

Please report bullying if you see it!

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