She Wolf

(Niall Horan Supernatural FanFiction) A normal girl, goes to high school like every other teenager. A boy, just trying to live a normal life. These two teens are not your normal teens, they both have a secret, and broken hearts. Will these two find them selves tangled in love? Or in trouble and even more heart broken?


3. Chapter 2 *Niall's POV*

"LET ME GO GREG!" "NO!" "GET OFF!" I shoved hard on my brothers chest with my hind legs, as he grunted and landed on his back with a loud thump. "I said get off" "Ok, Ok, jeez, just trying to toughen you up bro" "I know! Just leave me alone!" "jeez what did I do?!" "Nothing! Get out of my business!" "fine!" "fine!" Ugh, sometimes my brother can be such a pain, but today wasn't the best day to mess with me, my girlfriend broke up with me this morning cause she thought we were 'drifting apart', women. I've never really been very lucky with the girls, but secretly I'm a ladies man. I live here, at least as a Canis, with my brother, his wife and baby boy, and my mum. I go to visit my dad every other weekend. I love them all dearly. I walked out of the site with my head low, "Hey Niall!" I turned my head to were the voice came from, "Oi! Niall, were ya goin' mate? Your going to miss the football match at the fields!" Liam told me as him and Louis padded up to me, "Hey, and uh, no lads I'm not goin', go without me, I'll just take a walk around to clear my head" I replied trying my best not to sound upset, "you okay?" Louis asked with a look of concern on his face, " ya, I'm fine, don't worry!" "Ok, just come to us if you need any thing" Liam said, "I will" I turned and walked away into the forest, thoughts racing around, but one stuck out: What if I wasn't a Canis? Would life be better? I mean I would have never met Amy, and my best mates, but, there are limits to my fun as a Canis.I never quite had a fun time in my teenage years, You couldn't tell that I am a Canis, but with ageing as hormones kick into hyper drive, I couldn't control when id change, id get this feeling like, id be sick and throw up, but not like when you feel sick, but you feel it more as a head cold clashed with the flu, you just know it. Anyways, I had to be excused from class quite often, that was in grade 10, four years ago, now I'm 20 and my hormones aren't as bad, I can usually determine when I want to change forms. But I can get out of hand sometimes, oops.

I stared at the trees going past me as I thought of mine and Amy's relation ship, we had a good relationship, she's beautiful, we've been friends for I don't know how long, our parents have been friends forever almost. Her parents are nice, but her father is strict, same with mine, but they both have a soft side. They both despise the rival pack, I've never met the leaders, but I've always wondered if they were nice, people say they aren't, but i think every one can be loving,caring and kind, they just might show it different, and thats what makes them,them. People judge quickly, I dont know if there're nice, for all i know, they could be the harshest people you may meet, but they can be the kindest to. I don't really know, they might be rumors, hard to tell truth from reality sometimes. i usually dont believe in rumors, but i do sometimes, dont we all? It usually happens often between our packs, that we start rumors. Snapping me out of my thoughts, I hear a few twigs and branches snap ahead of me. What the hell could that be? "Okay Lou! If your fooling around with me! Come out here! Unless your to chicken!" Louis usually plays tricks on me when I'm feeling down to cheer me up, but normally, it wouldn't be this early, I mean I just talked to him not to long ago, how'd he get out here already then? I didn't see or hear him on my way here. "Lou! C'mon out! I'm done playing games!" my voice echoed throughout the forest, but no answer. Again the cracking of twigs echoed, "Who's there?! I yelled as two yellow eyes appeared. "Well well well , who do we have here? Mr. Niall Horan." "What do you want Jay?!" I answered with harsh tone in my voice, " Oh, nothing, I just heard that you and Amy broke up" He smirked, and all I wanted to do was claw it right off his face. "Where did you hear that?"

" No where" he just chuckled, "Leave me alone Jay!" "Now why would I do that?" "Just leave!" "Fine, but did you hear about the Fuerza (strength) packs daughter has turned 19 and is single?" He said with a pedophile like smile. "And?" I asked, my temper flaring, "Well, this means she's ready for marriage" damnit, he's had a 'thing' for her, and creeps her. So he's waited this long for her to age, until the marriage age. What a dick he is, he has no respect for women. "You leave her alone, she'd never be into you anyways" "Hmm no, she will be mine, and besides, it not like she would go for YOUR type anyways" he chuckled. I despise him, and he teased me about girls, I hate it. "Just leave her be" I told him, all I could see was red, no black,white, or grey area. "That's no option, she'll be mine, you just watch" he smirked.

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