She Wolf

(Niall Horan Supernatural FanFiction) A normal girl, goes to high school like every other teenager. A boy, just trying to live a normal life. These two teens are not your normal teens, they both have a secret, and broken hearts. Will these two find them selves tangled in love? Or in trouble and even more heart broken?


2. Chapter 1

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* noooo let me sleep.. God why did mornings come so fast?! I slammed my hand onto the alarm clock, hitting snooze and shutting it off. I tossed my covers off me as I rubbed the sleep out if my eyes, 6:25 AM, my clock read, I absolutely hate mornings. My iPod buzzed saying I had a new text, probably from my friends, I swear the never stop texting each other. I picked up my iPod to read that we had a test today, as my friends were texting back and forth that they were going to fail, I just chuckled to my self as I shut my iPod off and stepped off my bed. The fuzzy blue carpet sticking out between my toes, as I decided what to wear on this 'glorious' day, I looked out my window as the wind blew through the trees, looks like I'm wearing jeans. I walked up to my dresser, as I pulled out a pair of washed out blue skinny jeans, I slipped on the cold material, as I walked over to my closet and picked out a black shirt with small white pokka dots. I looked in the mirror to be faced to face with a monster with nasty bed head with sleep still in its eyes, god, I look awful in the mornings! I picked out a pair of socks, put some perfume and deodorant on, grabbed my iPod as I headed to the washroom to brush my rats nest of what I call hair.


"Hmmm" I fixed my hair but it just didn't look how I wanted! Jeez. "I'm leaving it like this then!" I yelled. I stepped out of the bathroom into the kitchen, grabbing the toaster and placing it on the counter, plugging it in. Grabbing a glass as I went into the fridge to grab the cinnamon raisin bread and the apple juice from the shelf and drawer, opening the bag of bread, my iPod goes off, still buzzing about the test. Popping the toast into the toaster, I set my seating area, grab my iPod and start listening to my iPod, I click play as Applause by Lady Gaga flies through the headphones. Thoughts swirling through my mind as I find one that catches my attention: what would life be like if I wasn't a Canis? And what about my parents? Would they be around more often? I closed my eyes tightly as I tried to dismiss the thoughts from my head, life's never been easy being a Canis, no one notices, but would I have had a better childhood? My parents always knew that I was a Canis, I didn't, the first time I changed into my other form, I had no idea what was going on. My patents tried to calm me down but I was to in shock and horrified to care what they were saying. Looking like a wolf, and not knowing why you were one at the age of 6, is not what I'd call living a normal childhood. I couldn't control when I'd change, sometimes I'd start to get a funny feeling and have to leave class for a bit. I don't know how I coped with it, but I did. My toast popped out of the toaster, waking me up from the thoughts that normally haunted me. I got up and walked over to the the toaster, pulled out my toast, buttered it, grabbed my glass of juice, then sat down and ate quietly.


"7:30 already? *sigh* I better get going before I miss the bus" I sat up, shoved my iPod in my pocket, slipped my jacket and shoes on, threw my bag over my shoulder, and stepped out the door locking it so no one gets in. "I wonder how mum and dad are today with the pack?" Mum and dad are the leaders of the pack, they can be strict, but very caring and sweet. I walked up the drive way as the birds flew over my head, and the cooed sounds that only they could create.

*10 Minutes later*

The bus pulled up as I stepped on the bus, "Morning Dave, cool this morning!" "Morning to you to, and it is a cool day!" I smiled at him as I sat at the back of the bus, putting my headphones in as I tuned out the rest of the kids.

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