The Demons (A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)

(A fan fiction mash-up of four famous films)
Knowing that the villains- Pitch Black and Kronos-were already defeated, Arendelle was back to summer and Fairy Tail already won the Grand Magic Games, another group called "The Demons" are trying to destroy these victories.

Will Fairy Tail, Camp-Half-blood, Arendelle and the Guardians help each other? or create more chaos?

(A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)


1. The Mid-Air Invitation

Characters: (for POV's)

Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Percy Jackson - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Queen Elsa of Arendelle - Frozen

Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians


*Natsu's POV

     "Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail!" the crowd cheering for our win. I can't believe we won the Grand Magic Games. After defeating the twin dragons from Sabertooth, we had the ultimate victory. Then I went out of the stadium after a few shouts of victory.

      "Natsu Dragneel!" a familiar voice called. Then I looked back, and saw a friend.

       "Hey Anna!" I greeted. Princess Anna of Arendelle. Arendelle is the strongest fortress today. the place is ruled by Anna's elder sister, Queen Elsa. Once, Arendelle was set to have an eternal blizzard because of the queen. The queen is born of ice powers. And that's why.

      When she came closer, she hugged me so tightly. When she released, she shake my hand and congratulated me for  the big win.

      "Where's your sister?" I asked

       "She's back at Arendelle. Doing her queenly duties." she answered. "By the way, where are the other members?"

       "Back at the stadium, still doing some, you know, victory talking." I answered back.

       "But how about Lucy?" she asked worriedly. "Is she fine? She was badly hurt back there."

       "Yes." I said. " 

" She's even there inside the stadium, receiving the congratulations."

       "Oh really?" she pouted.

       "So, I'm going home now." I said. "Want to come with me?" 

       "Nah!" she refused. "I'm going home tonight. I'll be congratulating the others and on my way." she said then smiled.

       "I'm going now!" I said. "Bye!"

       "Bye Natsu!" she said then shake my hand and congratulated me again. Then she ran inside the stadium.


       While I was already at the staircases of the hill going to my guild house, I heard cheering and roaring. When I was on the entrance, I saw a big party. All were there, even our foes during the games- Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale and other guilds. When they saw me, they shouted:

       "CONGRATULATIONS FAIRY TAIL!!!!" yeah, one of the loudest cheers I heard. Then they saw the other members come, they also greeted them.


       After all the excitement, I came to my room at the guild house. After changing my clothes, I went to bed. They we're so noisy downstairs. I can't even rest. I tumbled and faced sideways, but still can't rest.


       They we're all shouting, and I became jealous. I bolted up my bed and went to the clothing room, just as I was on the door of the room, in the mid-air, a white light swirled around, like a snake spirit turning around. I mistakenly opened my mouth for I thought  it was flames for food. But I can't sip it. After a split second, the light stopped. Then white flames erupted and formed letters. It read:


"Dear Nastu Dragneel

Congratulations for the victory!

This is urgent Dragneel, so come over to 

North Mountain, a 50 kilometer walk from Arendelle.

You can take Happy with you.

Have a nice trip! Come after two days."



      What's this? I thought: Is this what the master told me? 'There are specific person who are stronger and will defend the earth up in the North, and you'll be one of them.'


  Is this it? Am I really one of this people?



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