The Demons (A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)

(A fan fiction mash-up of four famous films)
Knowing that the villains- Pitch Black and Kronos-were already defeated, Arendelle was back to summer and Fairy Tail already won the Grand Magic Games, another group called "The Demons" are trying to destroy these victories.

Will Fairy Tail, Camp-Half-blood, Arendelle and the Guardians help each other? or create more chaos?

(A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)


4. The Demons

*Percy's POV

       "Let's start." as Jack Frost announced, North started to speak.

       "Thank you for coming here at this gathering." North started. "All of you gathered here are going to be picked, only the finest. The people to be picked are to train and fight for one reason. The team called 'THE DEMONS'. " Grover raised his hand.

       "I will entertain questions later Mr. Grover." North said. "Now I continue. Anyway, The Demons are a triad of powerful persons but what took over them was a force of evil. We guardians studied them; their powers, weaknesses, who they are even their secret personal information. But found nothing except one. Only one person knew them. But we need to force this person to tell us."

       "And who is this person anyway?" I blurted out accidentally. 

       "You knew him Mr. Jackson." said Jack Frost.

       "It's your father Percy." North continued. "Poseidon knew who they are."

       I was shocked, I froze for a moment. Why does my father know this evil beings?

       "But how?" I asked.

       "Your father once saw these demons Percy." answered Chiron. "By the time the Oldest gods were ready to face Kronos, they had a little detour along the way, which were the demons."

      "Thank you Chiron," North said. "Let me tell Percy this. The demons are hosting spirits. Every generation they find a body or host to be with them till they age. When the hosts die, the spirit of these demons find another ones to let them live. On the time when  the oldest gods come to face their father, the Demons tried to stop them. They can't seem to defeat these demons. So after a month of fighting, only Poseidon was left still ready to fight, Zeus asked him to find their lair and steal some information on how to defeat them. On the time Poseidon got there, the lair was empty, he stole a book entitled 'Το Βιβλίο των δαιμόνων ' or The Book of Demons which nobody knew. They got the information and defeated them. But after a century, they came back from the depths of Tartarus and found a host and also for vengeance. The Demons helped Luke Castellan find Kronos' tomb back then."

       "So you need to find my father and find the book you ask?" I asked.

       "Yes." North said. "The Demons are now trying to rise an evil being which was born even before the time of creation. It is The Dragon King's twin, the one named Acnologia."

       "But we already defeated this evil dragon long before from Tenroujima." said Natsu "And that assurance are with us that he will never rise again because of our first master."

       But before someone could answer a loud BOOM was heard outside the castle.

       Everyone stood up and readied their weapons and magic.

       "What was that?" Grover asked.

       "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!" a loud evil laughed was heard. Then doors of the castle shattered.

       "Heroes, attack!" North commanded. Then everybody dashed out and shouted for war.

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