The Demons (A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)

(A fan fiction mash-up of four famous films)
Knowing that the villains- Pitch Black and Kronos-were already defeated, Arendelle was back to summer and Fairy Tail already won the Grand Magic Games, another group called "The Demons" are trying to destroy these victories.

Will Fairy Tail, Camp-Half-blood, Arendelle and the Guardians help each other? or create more chaos?

(A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)


2. Meeting at North Mountain

*Elsa's POV

       A loud knock woke me up early in the morning.

       "Coming!" I stood up from my bed and opened the door.

       "Good Morning Elsa." greeted Olaf and Anna.

       "Sister," Anna started "I have a lot to tell you today about the Grand Magic Games,it was awesome!"

      "Yeah, Tell me." I told Anna as we went inside the room.

       But before Anna could start, Olaf interrupted.

       "Queen Elsa, you told me to remind you today about a meeting."

       I almost forgot. Two days ago, I saw one of the guardians, Tooth, and had a conversation and also requested to use the castle up the North Mountain for the gathering of heroes.

       Wondering why I know the guardians? I once saw a guardian, Jack Frost and had a mission once to save Arendelle from Pitch Black. During the time of the attack, I meet the other guardians. But that was two years ago.


       About the present realities now, Tooth already told me about the event up the mountain, but never told me what was it all about. I didn't ask her about the gathering because she was on a hurry. Then, I snapped my fingers and I dressed with my ice gown.

       "I'm sorry Anna," I apologized, "I need to go now. We'll talk later, I promise."

       Before she replied, I opened the balcony door and glided using my ice thin board and glided across the cold air.


       I was halfway across Arendelle when I saw lights flickering up the North Mountain. Fire maybe? I thought. I can't see clearly because of the fog. Then I glided as fast as I can to see what was going on. When the fog was clear, I saw fireworks around the castle. The castle was decorated with lights and what really captured my eye was the banner that said "Συγκέντρωση των Ηρώων". But after blinking, my brain suddenly translated it and it said "Gathering of Heroes". I wonder why can I read Greek, I never even learned one word. The guardians have a lot to explain. I saw the balcony of the castle and decided to land there, but before I landed I noticed that at the foot of my dress was a green glowing light. When I lift up my gown, a symbol was magically drawn, it was a Greek letter 'H' inside a circle. Before I knew it I lost balance of my glide and fell. I cannot summon another ice glider because I was falling. So I just closed my eyes and waited to fell down and make an ice cushion.But before i knew it, I was being caught by someone.When I opened my eyes, I saw a bearded man that was shirtless. He was older than me and has a bow and a quiver at his back. Then he put me down the snowy ground. But before I said thanks, I saw that waist down, he has a body of a brown horse.

       "Greetings young queen." he greeted. "I am Chiron the centaur, trainer of heroes and director of Camp-Half Blood."



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