The Demons (A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)

(A fan fiction mash-up of four famous films)
Knowing that the villains- Pitch Black and Kronos-were already defeated, Arendelle was back to summer and Fairy Tail already won the Grand Magic Games, another group called "The Demons" are trying to destroy these victories.

Will Fairy Tail, Camp-Half-blood, Arendelle and the Guardians help each other? or create more chaos?

(A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)


3. Gathering of Heroes

*Jack's POV

       Nice to be back here at Elsa's Ice Castle. I always wanted to be here. I sometimes come here to visit Elsa.

       "Listen up Heroes!" shouted North (or famously called "Santa") while ringing the bell. But nobody listened. Maybe because they don't know that they are the heroes. I mean we, don't forget about me. Nobody listened to North, and he shouted so loud even my eardrums started to explode.

       "EVERYBODY LISTEN! ALL WHO ARE PRESENT HERE ARE HEROES." then everybody froze and made a fast approach near the table. When he saw most of the people are already near the table, North calmed down and sat. Then I saw Elsa, but she looks like a kind of pale but mostly fine. I wonder what happened to her.

       "Greetings Heroes of the world." North finally spoke after a few seconds of awkward silence. "You are gathered here today for a very special meeting and the official forming of the team Heroes. Questions will be entertained after the gathering."

        "Let me first check the attendance."Tooth said. " And please stand up if your team or group is called."

       "Camp Half-Blood representatives." Tooth called off first. Four persons stood up. One of them was a guy that was 19-20 years old. He wore a blue hoodie jacket and a modern pants.

      "I am Percy Jackson, appointed leader of the camp's representatives and the son of Poseidon." then he pointed to a Blondie girl that has gray eyes. She wore a pink jacket, brown pants with a shield at her back and a sheathed dagger.

       "She is Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena." Next he pointed to a man that had a goatee and a pair of medium-sized horns. he wore a black and had pipe instrument slinged like an ID. What really surprised me that from waist down was a pair of goat legs.

      "He is Grover. A satyr. half-goat and man. One of the elder satyrs." then lastly, Percy pointed to a older man that was a centaur. Half-horse and man. (Don't blame me, I know ancient stuff you know?) He got a quiver and bow at his back.

       "And he is Chiron. Director of camp-half blood. A centaur." then they sat down.

       "Next, from Arendelle, we have..." Tooth announced.

       "Hello everybody," Elsa said while standing up. "I am Queen Elsa of Arendelle, born with ice powers. maker of this Ice castle you are standing now. And my companion here is Marshmallow. Guardian of this castle." then she raised her hands and a pile of snow turned into a big figure. I wondered why Elsa called this giant and ferocious thing 'Marshmallow.' 

       "And by the way," she added before she sat down. "Marshmallow is not a 'giant and ferocious thing'." 

       "Next, representatives from Fairy Tail Guild of Magnolia." then four separate persons stood up.

       "I am Natsu Dragneel," one started off. He has a pink hair, a black-orange open vest and shorts. "A Fire-Dragon Slayer wizard."

       "I am Lucy Heartfilla," another Blondie girl with charming eyes, she wore a small skirt and had a blue-white shirt. She has a collection of mystifying looking keys at her side. " a Celestial Spirit wizard."

       "I am Erza Scarlet." next was a scarlet haired girl with a fitting armor and sword. "a S-class Requiping wizard"

       "And I am Gray Fullbuster." lastly introduced himself. He had a blue hair and a white-blue leather robe and blue pants. "An Ice-Make wizard." Then they sat down.

       "Okay," said North. "You know about us right? The guardians. North, Bunnymund, Sandy, Tooth and  Jack Frost."


       "Let's start." I announced.

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