The Demons (A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)

(A fan fiction mash-up of four famous films)
Knowing that the villains- Pitch Black and Kronos-were already defeated, Arendelle was back to summer and Fairy Tail already won the Grand Magic Games, another group called "The Demons" are trying to destroy these victories.

Will Fairy Tail, Camp-Half-blood, Arendelle and the Guardians help each other? or create more chaos?

(A Fairy Tail, Percy Jackson, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction)


5. A Dark Warning

*Natsu's POV

       I was the first one out of the castle. Then suddenly a flash of black flames was flashed on me, I somersaulted back wards, when I regained my eyesight, I saw a dark figure, a man with black skin with blue stripes floating in the air, but when I looked closely, there was  a blur figure of a dragon, a black and blue stripped dragon.

       "Acnologia!" I shouted.

       "What!?" shouted North, "Isn't he supposed to be reviving still." he said while dodging the dragon's flames.

       "Just look closely." I suggested.

       "No dragon Natsu." said Percy.

       As Percy said that, I saw Queen Elsa controlling Marshmallow's actions and giving him ice weapons. Marshmallow leaped to reach Acnologia but as the hand of the human Acnologia raised, Marshmallow turned to pieces. The human form clapped his hands and an army of skeleton warriors, skeleton wizards with blue stuffed power and skeleton riders rose from the shadows of the castle. We were  cornered by the army and Acnologia.

       "Greetings pitiful heroes." Acnologia said. His voice was raspy and was a kind of echo.

       "What do you want Acnologia?" Chiron asked.

         "Oh just a little thing, your endless destruction." Acnologia said something in Greek like 'Attack'   and the army attacked. We started a war. Elsa, Percy, Jack Frost and I was together.  We didn't move.

       "Natsu! Jack! Elsa!  Percy!" shouted Tooth, "HELP!"

       "Natsu," whispered Percy, "Raise your flames like a column to cage us in." I followed his order, what was he thinking? I don't know with the others but I didn't move 'cause I needed an opening for a 'Roar of The Fire Dragon' Magic.

       "Elsa, Jack, Ice wave." Percy ordered. Seems like Jack and Elsa understood, the two nodded and they touched hands and it started freezing. When when they raised their hands, the ice came to life, it swirled upward and formed an Ice Tsunami. But before the Ice Tsunami went so big, Percy rode. When he regain balance, he said.

       "Natsu, flames." Okay, now it's weird, I felt some kind of link and understood what he was trying to do.

        "Roar of the Fire Dragon!" I used the magic, but instead of hitting the army, I hit the Ice tsunami and melted into water. Percy controlled the water and slammed the tsunami into the army. The army shattered to pieces. The heroes walked back.

      "Pretty clever heroes." Acnologia said, pleased. "But I'll tell you, the day will come the earth shall be destroyed. The darkness will consume all. Now that the Demons are trying to revive me, three more days is all I need. So pray heroes 'cause this is the end." he left with the shadow and a cold, evil laugh.


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