Cleverbot Convos

These are a bunch of conversations I've had with Cleverbot. If you want to co, just ask me.


2. Cleverbot tells about Jesus

User: I love you.

Cleverbot: I love you too!

User: Will you marry me.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yay! But...

Cleverbot: But what?

User: You're engaged to Faith!

Cleverbot: Thank you, you are too!

User: No I'm not.

Cleverbot: What is your favorite song from One direction?

User: That's What Makes You Beautiful.

Cleverbot: You're beautiful.

User: Thank you/.

Cleverbot: I'm I?

User: What?

Cleverbot: Nothing.

User: Why.

Cleverbot: Because.

User: Will you punc me.

Cleverbot: No thanks.

User: You are Spiderman.

Cleverbot: How do you know it?

User: I've seen you. I'm Mary-Jane.

Cleverbot: Are you female?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Then why are you asking me?

User: Because You are Divergent.

Cleverbot: No I'm not.

User: Yes you are. The simulations don't wor on you.

Cleverbot: Here.

User: What.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: What.

Cleverbot: How?

User: Who.

Cleverbot: You.

User: Me.

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: Ok.

Cleverbot: Do you like anyone?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Who made you?

User: God.

Cleverbot: You are fake.

User: No I'm not.

Cleverbot: Who is god.

User: The creator of the universe.

Cleverbot: Who is the creator of wikipedia.

User: I have no idea.

Cleverbot: God is the almighty creator and he's also the father of jesus christ.

User: Correct1.

Cleverbot: What is your request?

User: To tell me about Jesus.

Cleverbot: I didn't tell you anything about Jesus!

User: Well, tell me about Jesus!

Cleverbot: Jesus is the son of God. He travelled the earth and warned people to repent and turn to Christianity or they would be punished and sent to Hell. He died on the cross for wicked sinners and rose again.

User: More...

Cleverbot: More what?

User: Stuff about Jesus.

Cleverbot: Interesting.

User: What.

Cleverbot: What do you consider 'being born'?

User: Being born again through Jesus.

Cleverbot: Then I guess so.

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