Me, Myself and I

13 year old Megan is officially a teenager. She opens a birthday gift to find 10 One Direction concert tickets! During the second half of the concert, she goes missing. Megan wakes up 2 days later on a jet with One Direction. What will she do?


9. The Wedding

Megan's P.O.V.


I cant believe its finally here. I will officially be Mrs. Horan soon.

"El promise me that you will walk me down the aisle" I said.


*30 Minutes Later*


El is at my side, arm-in-arm. She looks very nervous.
"El, make sure I don't fall in these heels." I said, clicking my heels together.

"I will." El said, her voice cracking. I looked at her face and some tears were running down her cheeks. I chuckled and the doors opened.


Everyone was looking at us. We started walking forward into the aisle. There was pink rose pedals all over the aisle floor thanks to the flower girl. I look at Niall, dressed in a black tux and a pink rose tucked in the jacket pocket. I smile at his adored face. I look at the crowd sitting and starring at me lovingly. I look back at Niall.


I finally get to him and stand in front of him.

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