Me, Myself and I

13 year old Megan is officially a teenager. She opens a birthday gift to find 10 One Direction concert tickets! During the second half of the concert, she goes missing. Megan wakes up 2 days later on a jet with One Direction. What will she do?


4. the rest of the guys

Megans P.O.V

when we left the room and went into another Niall was holding my hands suddenly he was like close your eyes. I said ok and I felt a hand touch my waist, niall said to me that it was him and I was alright.

20min later


Nialls P.O.V.

damn she is sooo hot right now I just wanna kiss her. when we got to the rest of the boys I said, "open you eyes megan" she opened them and she was about to scream I could see it in her face. I turned her around and she screamed into my chest, all of a sudden I feel a peck on my cheek and megan is saying thanks for bringing her to meet the boys.


Harrys P.O.V

why is it always niall I mean sure I get a new girl every night but this was different I wanted her, maybe it was because she was with niall. I went up to them and said, "hello love im harry but you can call me hazza" she turned and screamed in niall again.  I turned to the rest of the boys and mouthed" shes gonna b fun to play with". thay all gave me warning looks like niall was gonna beat the shit out of me.


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