Me, Myself and I

13 year old Megan is officially a teenager. She opens a birthday gift to find 10 One Direction concert tickets! During the second half of the concert, she goes missing. Megan wakes up 2 days later on a jet with One Direction. What will she do?


8. Planning The Wedding

Megan's P.O.V.

2 Months Later

" El I cant believe that next week I'm getting married to Niall" I was getting my dress fitted it was a sweetheart neckline with green and blue dimonds in them and the top is tight and the bottom is like a princess dress.

" I cant believe that im your maid of honor" I knew she was being sarcastic but I was grateful she was doing this.


20 minutes later

After we got home me and el got the stuff out of the car and into my room and when I turned around el wasn't there but instead Niall was standing there. " hey babe is that your lovely dress I will see in 7 days" " yea but you arn't allowed to look at it and If you do I swear Niall"


Nialls P.O.V

I walk into the house and I hear el and my fiancé upstairs and I go up and whisper in el's ear to go and she does and when Megan turns around and tells me that I cant look at her dress we decide to do something fun for the rest of the night .



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