2. Chapter 2.

I woke up after an hour. Someone was punching my seat from the back. It's really annoying. So I turned around to yell at the person but then I realized it was Hayes Grier. He's my life's brother. I meant Nash.

"Hey there." he said.

"Hi, are you really Hayes?"


"Not of you but of your brother." I tried to sound 'mean' in a way. His smile dropped.


"I'm kidding! I love you so much! I love Nash more but I still love you!"


"Why are you going to NC? Why were you in Toronto?"

"I had a M&G."

"Oh cool."

"It's your first time in NC?"

"Yup. I'm moving here with my sisters, Tamara and Taylor.-I pointed at them. and my dad he's in the back."

"That's cool. What school you're going to ?"

"Davidson high school."

"With Nash ?!"

"Yup. I talked to him earlier today on twitter."

"Oh that's cool."

"Agatha! Come down here!" Tamara yelled.

"Btw I'm Agatha. Bye please stop kicking my seat."

"Nice name. Sorry it was for a vine."

"If that's why than it's okay!"

I went down.

"What's wrong?" I asked Tam.

"I feel sick, I have a huge headache and I feel like I'm gonna vomit."

"I'm not a nurse go tell dad he probably has medicine." I put in my headphones and started watching teen wolf.

An hour later, we landed. Finally! We got off of our seats and started walking until I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it was Shawn and behind him there was Hayes.

"Hey." they both said.

"Omfg!! It's THE SHAWN MENDES AND HAYES GRIER!!! I should probably stop fangirling."

"Haha." they laughed.

"Can I have your number since you know, you're gonna live in North Carolina."Hayes asked me.

"Sure. But I need to change it since I'm going to live in NC so just follow me on twitter and I'll DM you the number when I get it."

"Okay. What's your username?"



"Done. I texted you something to remember who you are."

"No problem."

"You used to live in Toronto?" Shawn asked me.


"How come I never saw you before?"

"Well Toronto is big. But I used to live 20 minutes away from you."

"Oh. Well that's cool."

"Can you follow me on twitter?"

"Sure." he took his phone out and followed me. I thanked him.

"Agatha! we have to go." Dad yelled at me.

"Alright, I'll see you guys at Magcon, if I go."

"Alright bye!" they said. I left.

After 20 mins of doing all the airport things, we took a cab and headed to the house dad bought.


Sorry guys short chap !! I wrote this in math class so please support! Thanks ! bye!


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