1. Chapter 1.



"Agatha!!!! Wake the fuck up! We're going to see your husband!!" Tamara yelled and Taylor jumped on my bed. IMMATURES. I pushed the blankets off of me and headed to the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth when I heard my phone ringing. I ran to it and saw 300 tweets. WEIRD! I opened my twitter. My best friend Roxanne facetimed me on my laptop. I answered and I saw her screaming and freaking out.

"What's wrong Rox!??" I went to my account and saw that CAMERON DALLAS FOLLOWED ME AND RETWEETED MY POST!!! I started crying and screaming.

"You're so lucky!!!" Roxy yelled.

"Hey! Can you come over ? My flight is at 5:40 that means that we're leaving at 3:40 or so."

"On my way!" she ended the FaceTime. I went back in the bathroom and prepared myself. 5 minutes later I heard a nock on my window so I unlocked it and let Roxanne come in. That's how we go over to the others house when we don't want to talk to parents.

She crashed me with a hug.

"You're the luckiest person on earth! You got a follow and a RT from the CAMERON DALLAS and now you're moving to NORTH CAROLINA where your husband Nash and my husband Hayes live." Yeah I guess I'm pretty lucky. Oh and by the way, she loves Hayes and Cameron. She said that Hayes was younger than her so she had to like someone older than her in case.

"Woow calm down Rox! I'll DM Cameron and tell him if he could tell Nash to follow me because I was moving to North Carolina today and to follow you because you wouldn't shut up of how lucky I am." I joked and she started jumping up and down.

"I'm going to get ready."

"Talk to him first!!"

"Ugh alright!" I went on twitter on my iPhone and went to Cam's profile. I went on the messages and sent him a Hey:). He replied seconds later with a Hello:D. Roxanne started going crazy.

"Calm down!"

(Conversation when I put the letter A, C or N and when I put nothing it's a reaction or something is happening)

A: I'm Agatha.

C: it's Cameron as you know

A: yeah haha.

C: so... it's the first time I text a fan

A: haha, can you tell Nash to follow me please cause I am moving to North Carolina in less than 5 hours.

C: um sure just a minute.

After 2 or 3 minutes, I got a follow from NASH!! I went crazy. I felt Roxanne filming me but I couldn't care less. I started crying, screaming, jumping and running all around the house. Tay and Tam came out of their room and looked at me weirdly. Tam filmed everything. Dad started telling me to calm down.

After what feels like 15 minutes of doing the 'mental problem' girl, I went back to my room and texted Cam back.

A: Thank you so much!

C: no problem.

Roxanne took the Phone from me and started texting him.

A: hey Cameron, I'm Roxanne, Agatha's best friend.

C: oh well hello.

A: can you please follow me? please!

C: you're the last one I'm going to follow. What's your username?

A: @RoxyDallasxx

C: is that your real last name?

A: not really.I always say that you're my husband that's why :P I'm a creep I know.

C: no it's cute actually.

Roxy got a text. She pulled her phone out her pocket and read the message. It was from Cam.

C: supp Roxy.

R: oh my god!! thank you!!!

I took my phone and texted him back.

A: it's Agatha now, I have to go finish getting ready. Bye.

C: alright Bye :*

I went in my closet and took the only clothes I have left. A pair of grey sweatpants and cut shirt that says YOLO. I went in my bathroom again and put my makeup. Not too much really just a bit of concealer, eyeliner and mascara.

I went back in my room and saw Roxanne texting on her phone.


"Hi" she answered not taking off her eyes from her phone.

"I think you should go."

"What? why?!" she looked at me.

"Listen I don't want to sound mean or anything but I am leaving today, I'll maybe never see you again and yet you are sitting here texting Cameron."

"I'm sorry I'll just tell him bye."

"Okay." she turned off her phone and sat there staring at literally nothing.

"Wanna grab some ice cream? it's 12:20."I asked.

"You'll pay?"

"I'll pay."

"Let's go." We got up and headed downstairs.

"We're going for ice cream!" I yelled pretty loud so my dad can hear me. I took my white vans and my penny board and headed outside.

We passed by her house to get her penny board. We went to our favorite ice cream shop.

After getting the ice cream, we went to the park. I ran to the swings and Rox followed me.

"You know, you're leaving in 2 hours. I'm going to be here alone. I'll have no one to hang out with, I'll eat lunch alone. You're not going to be there for me when I need you. You're not going to be here to make me laugh when I'm sad. Everything's going to be different."

"I'm sorry. But you're going to North Carolina next year to live with your dad." oops I said too much. Her mom told me not to tell her.

"What?! Are you serious?"


"I'm not going to my dad!!"

"I'm not sure you're leaving to your dad's."

"Who told you." I got a text. Its from Nash. I opened it.

N: Hello! Cam told me you're moving to North Carolina.

A: hey! yes I am. Omg I can't believe I'm talking to you.

N: haha. Anw which school are you going to?

A:Davidson High school.

N: really?

A: yeah why?

N: I go there. Plz don't tell anyone.

A: really? oh my gooooddd. I promise I won't tell anyone.

"Who are you talking to?" Roxy asked me.

"Nash. He goes to the same school I'm going to."

"Really? Omg that's great!"


N: alright I'll talk to you later!

A: Alright, bye :* PÜMA.

N: haha bye. :*

"Omg Nash sent me a kiss!!! Holllyyy Molllluyyy!!!" I yelled.

"You're lucky!!!!" we started jumping up and down. We stopped when people started looking at us weirdly.

We went back home after chatting for a while in the park. Its 3:10. I'm leaving in 30 mins. I'm not that exited because everything is new to me.

We sat on the bed. I have some gifts to give.

"I wanna give you something." I told Rox. I got out a shoe box from the closet. I hid them there so Tamara and Taylor won't touch them.

I sat next to her on the bed and opened the box. A diary book, a neckless, a scrapbook that I made and a camera were put in this box. I took out the neckless and put it around Roxy's neck.

"OMG thank you baby!!" I can see she was really happy. I have the other side of the heart that says best and friends, I have the best. She got the friend one. I gave her the diary book, the camera and the scrapbook.

"Don't open the diary book, when I leave, read it. Take pictures of events and put them in the scrapbook. There is 200 pages in it. You'll use only 94 pages, the others are full. Don't open it now."

"I love you sister!! I have something for you too." She took something from her bag pack. It was a letter.

"Here, read this on the plane." Then she took another envelope.

"Open this." I took it and opened it.

There was two paper. I started reading. When I realized what's in my hands, I started screaming, crying, jumping. Everything's crazy.

"You got me those? I love you more than anything! You're going with me tho!"

"Yes I am, I'm gonna visit you in NC and we're going to the concert. Plus I won't buy you a ticket for a Justin Bieber concert and not buy one for me.. duh!"

"You're the best sister ever!!!" we hugged for 10 mins until I heard Rox sob. Is she crying ? I started crying too.

"I'm gonna miss you sister!"

"I'm gonna miss you too baby!!!"

"Agatha, we're leaving." Dad came in the room and told us. We pulled away and dad opened his arms for Roxanne. She ran to him and hugged his really tight. Rox and dad are like best friends.

"Bye Roxy! I'll miss you! Come visit us!!"

"I will in 3 months!"


"Yeah to a Bieber concert!!"

"Oh you gave her the ticket?"


"Alright let's go."

They both went downstairs. I put my MacBook in my bag pack. I grabbed my phone and iPod. I went to my secret corner and took all the chips, the Arizonas and the candy that I had left and put them in my bagpack.

I went downstairs to find Tamara crying next to her bestfriend Austin. He's really nice. And Taylor next to Alli, Austin's twin sister, which is Taylor's best friend.

"Let's go girls."


[In the plane.]

It's been an hour since we got in the plane. I am sitting next to Tam and next to her there is Tay. Dad is sitting in the very back. I am next to the 'window'. I remembered the letter from Rox. I took it and opened it. It said:

Dear Agatha,

We've been best friends since 2nd grade. You're my sister now. I can't believe you're leaving. I have a surprise at the end. Remember that night where we had a sleepover at your house and your dad told us to sleep at midnight maximum and we stayed until 6 in the morning. But then we slept all day long? Or the time Samuel dumped me, we stayed all night talking about how ugly, disgusting, stupid, immature, weird, ratchet he is? -I laughed at that part, it was a really funny night, plus SHE was high. Since that day she started smoking. I hope we'll relive funny and awkward moments together. Now I need someone else's shoulder to cry on, remember when my brother made a car accident and died? you were the one next to me. When your mom died when you were 9, I was trying my best to make you smile. Sorry for reminding you of that. Anyway I made my point. I hope we'll see each other REALLY soon. I'll see you in 3 months. I'm coming for Magcon if your dad accepts. Mom told me a few days before you leave that I'm going to live with dad next year. I broke my tv because I was so angry, but I accepted to go because I wanted to be near my sister. No matter what I should go through, I'll do it for you. I truly mean it when I say I love you. I'll see you soon, Skype me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'll text you every day. I'll call you once a week. If I ever forget or whatever, I'll make it up to you the next time. If you ever forget about me, it'll prove for me that you never cared as much as I did. But I'm sure you'll never forget about me. I love you, take care! Remember when you get angry at Tamara or Taylor, don't punch the wall or try to cut yourself, I'm not here to save you. If you get bullied at school, change school, even if you don't want because Nash is there. You're probably asking how I know Nash is there. I asked your dad if you could go to Davidson High school and he said sure. Be careful, don't do drugs, don't smoke like me, don't become a slut, and don't date guys! I should approve first! I love you Aggy!!! ❤️ There is no surprise I just wanted you to read till the end. Oh yeah! Going to NC is definitely the surprise. Bye!!!! :P XD stay fierce cutieee!!

Omg I can't believe she wrote all that! I love her more than anything! I had tears in my eyes.

"Are you okay Agatha?"

Tamara asked me.

"Um yes don't worry."

"The letter of Rox?"

"How do you know about it."

"She told me to remind you so I asked her what's in there and she told me SOME things."

I giggled, this girl is amazing. I can't ask for a better best friend. I'll never forget about her.

I texted her from my iPhone. It probably doesn't work but it's worth a try.

"Thanks for the letter ! gonna call you when I'm at the airport."

I put in my headphones and opened my laptop. I watched Glee's episodes until I drifted to sleep.


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