As you can probably guess from the title.. this is all about me.
Basically I'll be writing about whatever I want so you can choose to read it or choose not to. Yeah. Have a lovely day.


2. Bunnies

So I used to have a pet bunny called Thumper (because of the bunny from Bambi) but we gave him away in 2010 because we were getting a dog. He wasn't a great bunny because he threw sawdust everywhere and was basically unapproachable because it would just scratch me.

But I have fallen in love with them from the pictures on tumblr and other social media sites and I really want another. I've asked my parents countless times but they always say no. I don't see the problem because I could keep it upstairs away from our dog because she isn't allowed upstairs anyway. I can look after them and it'd give me something to do since I'm always bored. I really just want a cute little companion that I can look after. Meh. Oh well that's why there are bunnies on the cover. I love them.

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