As you can probably guess from the title.. this is all about me.
Basically I'll be writing about whatever I want so you can choose to read it or choose not to. Yeah. Have a lovely day.


5. 23rd April 2014

Yesterday I got to london. We had to get 2 trains which took 2 hours and then a half an hour drive to my Grandads house. When we got here we went shopping at this mall called blue water and they bought me some doc martens, they're black and I love them. Then we went to TGI Fridays and I got garlic bread as a starter and then a burger. Then we went to the cinema and watched Divergent which is fricking amazing!! Seriously if you haven't seen it yet go watch it!! it's better than the book. Also the main character Tris plays Hazel Grace in TFIS and her brother in Divergent plays Augustus which is kinda weird but they're good actors. Plus in Divergent Four is really hot. It's such a good movie I can't explain how good it is!!! Also in the cinema this weird man in a silver suit came in half way through the movie and every time something bad happened or any violence he laughed to himself and clapped (he was alone). Me and mum found that hilarious and then about 10 minutes from the end he literally crawled on his hands and knees out of the doors??? I'm writing this in the bathroom because I'm about to have a shower. Today we're going to chill and then tonight were going out for a meal and then watching some theatre production?? Theatre isn't really my thing but who knows it might be okay.

See ya later.

P.s. it's my birthday tomorrow.

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