As you can probably guess from the title.. this is all about me.
Basically I'll be writing about whatever I want so you can choose to read it or choose not to. Yeah. Have a lovely day.


4. 21st April 2014

I'm in bed and it's 2:48pm. I'm home alone. My Dad went out but I can't remember where he said he was going or when he's coming back and he took my dog with him. And my Mum is at her work/friends work that she helps out at on weekends. Her real weekday job is irrelevant because she got two weeks off for spring break. I got two weeks off school too. That is good.

Over the last week I have done nothing. I did get a haircut though if that counts as an activity? But tomorrow me and my Mum are off to London until Friday to stay with my Grandad and his wife Dawn. it's my birthday on the 24th so I'll be spending it in London away from my friends and stuff. But when I get back me and my friend Beth are going to a theme park so that's okay I guess.

In London I think we're going to a space museum, this famous chocolate shop called choccywoccydoodah to buy a birthday cake because Mum watched the program on tv and some Segway tour? idk what it is.

I'm not exactly excited but I'm not completely bummed out either, I like train journeys so tomorrow should be cool because I get to go on two trains in a row.

I also like my Grandads house and he cooks reay good food and I haven't seen him since his wedding last year in summer (I think). And he has these cute dogs called Fudge and Willow. Fudge is a huge brown Labrador and he's like a bear a and he's so cuddly and friendly and Willow is really small she's a Staffordshire bull terrier (I think) and she was rescued from an abusive home so she's really shy and timid, but still cute. Only 3 of my friends have contacted me in the last week and it shows how important I am to the rest of my group. I mean there are 14 of us and only 3 of them talk to me through the holidays. Then again I haven't really made any effort to talk to most of them. I sent some of them a couple of snapchats about my haircut but only one of them replied. I'm so loved. At least I have my best friend (internet friend) Jess. She lives in Wales and we've been talking for almost a year. I love her more than most people I know in real life.

Okay well bye for now. Lov u.

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