Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


7. Chapter 7 ♥️

( Zayn's P.O.V )

It's already 7:30, and i've been here at this gym ever since I dropped Jade off. Her swinging the door in my face got me pretty pissed.. Not towards her, but towards my stupid action.

The bag I broke down last night is still not fixed, so i'm stuck with hand trainning with Max. He sticks his two hands out, and I punch fiercely at both gloves. After about half an hour, I decide to call it quits and head out of the gym with my bag that I left from last night.

Once I get home, I take a shower and see that it's only 8:30. I have nothing to do, and have no idea what I should do. I'm wrapped in just a white towel and my hair is still dripping wet. I step into my bedroom and my phone starts to ring.

It's Jared.

"I got the money." I speak through the phone.

"Good good.. How much?"


"Alright, that will do. I'll pick it up first thing in the morning Malik. Your lucky you made your way through this one."

If he were in front of me, I know he'd have that miserable grin on his face.

"Whatever, see you in the a.m. And after that, you leave me the fuck alone." I hang up, not leaving him a chance to respond back.

I decide to dial up Harry's number to see what he's up to.

"Hello?" His thick accent speaks.

"Styles, you doing anything tonight?" I ask.

"Just about to go off to a party.. How about you?"

A party sounds alright.

"Nothing.. Aye, you mind if I tag along?"

"Sure you can! You still live at the same place, right?"

"Yeah, same place."

"Alright, i'll be there in twenty. Be ready."

I end the call and get dressed. Grabbing a red v-neck shirt, I pair it off with some black jeans and red high-top converses. Once i'm dressed, I put my hair up into a sleek quiff. Before I leave, I spot the bag of coke sticking a bit out of my drawer, I question whether I should take a quick wiff or not. I decide to, and head downstairs with my phone in my hand.

After hearing a honk from outside, I place my phone in my pocket and walk out to Styles car. I get in, and he pats my shoulder.

"Some chick invited me to this party, and she says it's going to be epic." He smirks.

"You aren't dealing with Sasha anymore? Already moving on." I chuckle.

"Hell. Yes." He laughs as well, and speeds off to this 'epic' party.


When we get outside of a large blue house, I see red solo cups thrown all over the ground and a bunch of drunk people outside, getting even more drunk.

"Here we are." Harry says while parking his crappy car across the street from the wrecked house.

I hop out, and walk into the party with Harry. People are taking shots, making out, and playing spin the bottle everywhere I look. I think there's even some guy sleeping, with his head in the fireplace.

"Hey, I was looking for you." A little blonde strokes hir fingers across Harry's chest.

"I'll catch up with you later Zayn, have fun.. Let loose." Harry smirks before leaving with the blonde upstairs.

I walk through what seems to be an endless crowd of people, and enter a kitchen. The house is pretty huge, there has to be at least 200 people here. I take a beer from the package sitting on top of the marble counter, and pop the top of with the edge of the counter. I take a huge sip, until I feel someone's hand touch my arm. I look down to see a girl with red hair smiling up at me.

"Hey, do you wanna dance or something?" She asks while grinning.

I take another big gulp of the cold beer and nod. She leads me back to what seems to be the living room, and starts to dance. She's not very good looking in the face, but she sure as hell as a body.

While i'm beginning to dance along to the beat of the music with her, I glance up while moving and notice a girl with dark long hair, dancing with a guy to the music. And I swear she seems so familiar..

Is that.. Jade?

(Haha, sorry for the little cliffhanger! I'll try to update as soon as I can loves. It's a bit hard with school and stuff, but i'll make time! Ily xx)

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