Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


5. Chapter 5 ♥️

( Jade's P.O.V )

"Just stay. I'll be back soon." Zayn said, before leaving the room with a black bag in his hand.

Last night is all a big blur to me.. I remember coming here, and that's all I know. I look down to see that i'm wearing only a white shirt and no panties or bra.

"Did.. Did we have sex?" I ask myself.

My head starts to pound, and I place my hand onto my forehead.

I move the sheets off of the bed while getting up, and notice that there's a bit of blood on the bed.

"Oh my god.."

We did have sex.. He took my innocence away. And I have not the slightest clue about any of the details.. Only that I was drunk as hell.

I walk out of the room, and see a bathroom across the hall. I quickly run into it, and drop to my knees in front of the toilet. Vomit spits out of my mouth, and into the toilet. After my puking ended, I flushed it and wiped my hand over my mouth. I looked into the mirror and seen my mascara and eyeliner smuged down my face. My hair is knotted in a few places, and I groan. I look like shit. I run my fingers through my matted hair, and tie it up into a ponytail with the elastic on my wrist. After rinsing the makeup off of my face, I head back to Zayns room and pick my panties off of the floor, and my bra off of the bed. I put them back on, and place my dress back on. Last night was a big mistake.. I should've never got drunk.


"Your so fucking annoying sometimes, you act like I really like that girl!" Luke screamed in my face.

"What am I supposed to think?! You were holding her hand, and you were about to kiss her before I said something!"

Luke and I have been dating for 8 months and I would've never pictured him to cheat on me.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have to kiss her if you would just fuck me already!"

I could feel a tear stream down my face at his words.

"Wh- what?.."

"You heard me! We've been dating for almost 9 months now and I haven't even been in your pants yet! You can't stay pure forever!" His face was becoming closer to mine.

"Fuck you." Before I know it, my fist connects to the side of his face.

I quickly run away from him, and head home with tears strolling down my face, and a broken heart held inside of me.

Once I get to my house, I start pacing back in forth in my bedroom.

"You want to play games with me?.. Well two can play at this game." I mutter to myself.

I grab the tight fitted dress from my closet, and my black heels. I quickly change, and head out to the club.

Once I get there, I decide to go dance. While i'm dancing, I feel large hands grip my waist.

"Hey there." A raspy voice spoke to me.

I turn to face him, and my damn.. Is he hot.


"What's you name?" He asks while beginning to start dancing along with me.


"Cool, i'm Zayn."

"Cool." I begin to push my bum against him, and I can feel him become hard under me.

After a while of dancing together, Zayn whispers into my ear.

"Can I take you home?"

I figure this is my chance, to get back at Luke.

"You tell me." I whisper back.

"Let's go." Zayn leads me out of the club.

*End of Flashback*

As I begin to remember the events that placed last night, my jaw drops. I lost my pureness.. To get back at Luke.

I put my face into my hands, and groan.

"Hey, you alright?" Zayn walks in.

I look up, and just nod.

"You can shower here if you want.."

"I don't have any clothes."

"You can wear some of mines." He starts to walk toward his dresser.

"No, i'm fine. I'll just take one at my house."

"Alright, want me to give you a lift?" He asks while rubbing the dark stubble on his chin.


I grab my heels, and put them on. My legs are still sore from last night, and it's so painful. We walk downstairs to Zayn's truck, and I hop in.

I tell him my address, and he begins to drive.

The car ride starts off quiet, and I decide to break off the silence.

"Where did you go when I woke up?" I ask curiously.

"Don't worry about it."

"Oh.. What about that bag you had? What was that about?.."

"Mind your god damn business, don't fucking worry about it." He raises his voice.

I can't help it but gulp as he begins to drive faster.

I decide to stay quiet the rest of the ride, and he finally pulls up to the front of my house.

"Listen i'm sorry for getting loud at you.. It's just-" Zayn begins to apologize before I cut him off.

"It's fine." I jump out of his Range Rover, and head inside of my house without another word to him.

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