Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


4. Chapter 4 ♥️

*Warning, this includes some sexual content, so I warned you.* :p

( Zayn's P.O.V )

I finally pull up in front of my house, after what feels like hours and quickly get inside with Jade. I lead her upstairs to my room, and I can't say that i'm not a bit embarrassed at how messy it is. Thankfully, my bed is spotless. I grab her by her waist and begin to kiss her neck. Leaving a trail of wet kisses from the very top of her neck, down to her collar bone. She smells so much better than other sluts i've fucked. Her hair smells like fresh strawberries, and her skin smells like vanilla. As I continue to kiss her neck, she gives in and lets out soft moans. I start to unzip her dress from the back, and once I finish unzipping it, the dress pools at her ankles. She removes her heels, and slides the dress off to reveal her wearing nothing but a red lace bra, with a matching pair of underwear. I turn her and gently bring her down onto my bed. While I continue to kiss and suck at her neck, she begins to tug at my shirt, telling me she wants it off. I obey, and lift my shirt off of my body and take my shoes and jeans off along with it. I tumble back on top of her and start to whisper dirty things into her ear. I unclip her bra, and leave her in only her underwear. I cup one of her breasts into my hand, and she continues with her low moans. I grab the condom I have on top of my nightstand, and tear open the packet. I slide it on, and Jade just watches me as as I do it. Once the rubber is on, I slide her panties down her legs and fling them across the room.

"Wait." Jade says suddenly.


"I've.. I've never done this before."

For fucks sake, she has to be kidding.

"Wait.. Your a virgin?"


How the hell could someone who looks like her be a virgin? It doesn't make sense. Usually i'd toss her, but it wouldn't hurt to try it with a virgin.

"It's easy. I'll show you through it." I grin.

She swallows and nods.

"I'm going to go into you, and it's not going to feel so great at first. But after a while, you won't want me to stop. If it gets a bit too much to handle at first, just tug at my hair, or sink your nails into my back.. Either's fine." I wink.

She just nods.

I lift my arms above her shoulders to hold my weight up, and she lays under me. I enter, and begin to push in.

"Oh my god.." She groans, while pulling my hair already.

I go as deep as I can at first, and pull back out. And then I began to just thrust in and out as fast as I possibly can.

"Your so fucking.. Tight." I moan.

I continue to go in and out, and I see Jade's face to make sure she's still alive and I see her eyes roll back in pleasure. She continues to yank my hair, and it's hot as fuck. After I come into the condom, i'm out of breath and stop. I unroll the rubber, and toss it into the garbage can.

"I'm.. I'm bleeding." She says while taking big breaths.

"It's normal, here.. Use this." I hand her my black t-shirt and she just stares at me.

"You want me.. To wipe myself.. With your shirt?" She asks in a confused tone.


She just shrugs and does so. She gets up to throw it away in my garbage can and she lays back in bed.

"Here, put this on so your not cold." I hand her one of my white t-shirts.

"Thanks." She pulls it over her head, not bothering to put her bra or underwear back on.

I lay onto the bed with her, and before I know it, Jade's fast asleep.

I take a moment to look more into her apperance. She has her beautiful blue eyes fluttered closed, and her long dark eyelashes lay steady. Her long dark hair is near my side and I begin to run my fingers through her hair. She didn't look much like the other girls I usually fuck, but she's still hot. It's like.. She's an innocent bad girl that's never been caught. It's quite confusing, but a huge turn on. I laid on my back, and dozed off to sleep.


When I wake up, Jade is still asleep. Her snores are light and gentle. When I look to her face, I see that her makeup is a bit smuged, but not too much. I quietly get off of my bed. I glance at the time, and see that it's already 1:00 p.m.

"Fuck, the coke!"

Forgetting all about having to bring the drug to Harry this morning I run over to my closet and grab the duffle bag.

I grab a pair of grey sweats and a white t-shirt, and put on my usual black converses. Once i'm dressed, I grab my keys and walk over to my door. Just as i'm about to walk out, Jade wakes up.

"Where.. Where are you going?" Her eyes are slightly opened and she yawns.

"I have to.. Go do something. Do me a favor and stay put?" I ask.


"Just stay. I'll be back soon." I head out of my room and dash off to Harry's apartment.

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