Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


16. Chapter 16 ♥️

( Jade's P.O.V )

It's been two weeks. Two weeks of not talking to Zayn.

I've called him, left endless messages, and even showed up at Max's gym but he was no where to be seen. I asked Max about his whereabouts, but he claimed that he couldn't give out information about his trainers.

It took me two weeks to realize, that I am in fact.. In love with Zayn.

Being away from him all of this time, i've felt empty. I don't laugh as much, i'm a bit more quiet, and I don't eat much. At night, I have nightmares.. Nightmares about Luke coming after me, and teasing me about how Zayn won't come back for me.


I just wish Zayn would let me talk to him again.

My phone begins to buzz, and I quickly slide answer.

"Zayn?" I ask in excitement.

"What?.. Sorry, no. This is officer Clark. Is this Jade Violet?"

My happiness quickly fades away at the voice of the same officer I talked to the night Luke attacked me, and I sigh.

"This is her."

"Well, I have some news for you. Luke Smith has a court date set in exactly a week from now. They will determine his sentence by then. Your asked to come, but if your a bit shaken up still, i'd understand." His voice is stern.

"No, it's fine. I'll be there."

"Okay, have a great day Miss Violet."

I haven't had a good day ever since I last seen Zayn, so I find that highly impossible.

"You too." I hang up and toss my phone onto the bed.

I've been in bed all day, and haven't eaten anything yet when it's already 7:00 p.m. I really need a shower.

I sigh and get out of bed. I head to the bathroom, and slip from my clothes. Stepping inside of the shower, I turn the water on to warm, and let the water rinse my lifeless body.

( Zayn's P.O.V )

It's been two stressful weeks of not talking to Jade. She's been calling me, texting me, and everything. But, I just can't talk to her anymore. I love her. And her not loving me back gives me pain.. Pain that I need to shake off. I've been boxing my pain off, every day and night. There were even some times where Jade would come here to see if I was here, and i'd hide, and tell Max not to tell her i'm here. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't caught me yet.

Today I have a day off from training, and I have no clue what to do. I want to talk to Jade so badly.. But I don't want to get mad at her all over again. Last time I was with her, I was a complete asshole. I screamed in her fucking face and everything. Her blue orbs seemed so different at that moment.. They weren't filled up with happiness and joy like every other day.. But instead, they were filled with pain and hurt.

I want to apologize to her.. I need to apologize to her.

I grab my keys, and head out of my house.

I arrive in front of Jade's house, and park. Walking up to her front door, I feel a lump in my throat become bigger by the second.

"Don't fuck this up." I mutter to myself.

I knock on the door, and run my hand through my hair.

You got this Zayn.. You got this.

Waiting for a response at the door, there is none. I knock again, and there's still no answer. Instead of knocking, I ring the doorbell and wait a while.

Still no answer.

Her car is parked in front of her house, so she has to be here.

She really must've gave up on me.. I fucked up.

"Fuck!" I curse and run back to my truck and speeding off to the gym.

Once I get to the gym, i'm happy that there's no one else here today so they don't have to watch my take my anger out on the punching bag. I throw my white t-shirt off, and grab the red boxing gloves from off the floor. Strapping them on, I begin to furiously swing hooks left and right into the bag. I pound harder and harder into the material with each swing and start to lose control.

"I wish you could just love me back Jade!" I scream while continuing to punch into the bag.

"But, I already do." A voice says from a distance, and I turn to face it.

I can't help it but admire the beautiful figure standing across from me.

(sorry it's short guys, haha! But ily all xx - Myaaa.)

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