Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


15. Chapter 15 ♥️

( Zayn's P.O.V )

Oh.. do you love anyone Jade?


The words are hitting replay, while they stay in my head. She doesn't love me.. She doesn't. But why should I be mad? It's not like we're going out or anything. But, I love Jade.. I know I do.

Whenever she smiles, I can feel my skin heat up as if i'm laying directly underneath the sun. Everytime she locks her beautiful blue orbs with mines, they take me to a whole other world. A paradise. A paradise where me and her are together, safe and happy, and I make her feel loved. A paradise where she loves me.

But that paradise only exists in my dreams.

Because she doesn't love me.

An idea suddenly pops up into my head. Tomorrow, I can take Jade out and try to figure out why she doesn't love anyone. Maybe.. Just maybe, i'll find a way to make her fall in love with me just like I fell hard for her.

I throw my shirt off and slip off my pants. Sliding into my bed, I can't help it but have my mind already set on tomorrow.

( Jade's P.O.V )

I wake up early, and take a relaxing shower. Once i'm clean, I change into some black jeans and a lavendar blouse. I keep my hair in my natural waves, and only put on some mascara and a skin toned lipstick. I grab my phone from my dresser, and see that I have a text from Zayn.

From: Zayn

"Call me. xx"

I swallow and call Zayn. He picks up after the first ring.

"Hey Jade, can we talk today?"

Thoughts of last nights phone call plays over in my head.

"I don't know Zayn.."

A silence breaks through the phone.

"What, are you busy or something?.."

"No, it's just.. Last night.. You acted really weird during our phone call. You.. You didn't even give me a chance to say goodbye." I confess.

"I'm sorry.. That's kind of what I want to talk to you about."


"Alright, i'll see you soon Jade."


I hang up and huff. I don't know what's to come of this talk, but i'm a bit nervous. I don't know why.. I just am.

I head to the kitchen and grab handful of choclate chip cookies. Eating them one at a time, I eat the last one and hear a knock at my door. I walk over to the door, and open it.

Zayn stands there with a smile on his face, and a bouqet of purple tulips in his hand.

"Hi." His cheeks turn a shade of red and I can't help it but adore it.


"These.. These are for you." He brings the beautiful tulips closer to me.

"Thanks.." I grab them and bring them to my chest.

"Come in." I smile.

He walks in and I shut the door once he's inside. We walk into my living room, sit on the couch, and I place the flowers onto the table in front of us.

"So.. About last night.." Zayn chews his lip.

I wait a while until he speaks again.

"I didn't mean to hang up on you like that. I was just.. Not myself." He spits out.

I nod and let him continue.

"Do.. Do you love someone.. Anyone, Jade?"

I feel my heart rise to my throat. The word love.. I hate it.

"Zayn, I already answered this question.." I shake my head.

"Just, answer it again. Truthfully."

"No, Zayn. I don't love anyone." I shrug.

I see Zayn's jaw tighten and he nods.

"So.. Your telling me that no one ever makes you feel loved? Makes you feel happy? No one makes you.. Simply love them?"

I think about his very difficult question. Zayn makes me happy. But, I don't love him.. Like is one thing, love is another.


Zayn's fists clench at his sides and he eyes turn a shade of darker brown.

"You know what? I fucking give up!" He stands up and yells.

Give up? What the hell is he talking about?

"Give up on what?" I ask while standing up as well.

"I give up on you! I love you Jade, alright! No one has ever made me as happy as you have! Now I know why I stay away from love, because all it does it bite you at the end. I try.. I try to show my love and protection for you, but you take it all for fucking granted! To be honest, I wish I would've never even met you that night at that club! Maybe I wouldn't be the sucker i've turned into ever since I met you!" Zayn spits and grabs the purple tulips he gave to me only moments ago, and they go flying across the room.

He storms out of my house, and I could feel a warm tear stroll down my face.

What have I done?.. I've lost him.

( Don't hate me guys! Ha, sometimes things don't go the way you want them to, i'm sorry! Ily xx - Myaaa. )

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