Professional boxer Zayn Malik has an extremely crazy past. So crazy, that he started boxing because of it so he could let all of his anger out. His only escape from the past seems to be Jade. And he's willing to fight.. For her love.
∞ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ∞


12. Chapter 12 ♥️

( Jade's P.O.V )

I woke up to strong arms wrapped around my tiny body. I turn my face and see Zayn with his mouth hung open and he's snoring. I giggle at the cute sight of him in the morning, and untangle myself from his arms.

"Jadeee." He whines.

I stand up and stretch my back.

"Zaaayn." I tease back jokingly.

"Come back, let's sleep some more." His eyes are still closed but his hand is rubbing his eyelids.

I glance at the clock and see that's it's almost noon.

"We've basically slept the whole morning!" I grab a pillow and wack his face with it.

"Oh, it's on." He says with a smirk.

He opens his eyes and grabs the pillow from under his head.

"Bring it." I chuckle.

He throws the pillow at me, causing me to duck down and he misses horribly.

"Hahaha, you missed." I stand back up and put my hands on my hips.

He quickly runs to my side and tackles me back onto the bed.

"Did I miss now?" He chuckles while laying his body on top of mine.

I stick my tounge out at him teasingly.

Zayn brushes his fingers on my cheek and smiles. I feel my cheeks heat up and I quickly toss him over, making my body come on top of his.

"I have to use the bathroom." I laugh.

I get off of him and walk to the bathroom. Once I see myself in the mirror, I see that my hair is sprawled out and my eyes look a bit puffy. And that's when last nights event plays again in my head..

"Now.. I have to punish you."

Lukes words eat at my stomach and I gulp. If Zayn would've never showed up last night.. I could've gotten hurt.

Paranoia suddenly hits me. What if he doesn't get put into jail? Will he send someone after me? What happens if he gets out of jail?..

I shake my head at all of my questions, and begin to brush my teeth. I fix my hair, and head back to my room. When I walk in, I see Zayn putting his shoes on and he stands up to his feet.

"Hey, do you want to go out for some breakfast?" He asks with a smile.

"You mean lunch?" I glance at the clock that says it's already 11:45.

"Haha, yeah.. I mean lunch."

"Sure, i'd love to." I smile.

"Alright, i'm going to head home to change and shower and i'll be here at 12:30 to pick you up love."

"Okay." I smile.

He walks up to me and hugs me tightly into his arms.

"Call me if anything, and I mean anything. I'll be here in a flash." He says while continuing to hug me with his broad arms.

"I will."

We pull back from the hug and he leaves.

I shower up, and dress myself. I put on a white laced dress that wasn't tight, but showed off my curves a bit. I placed a jean jacket over it and slipped on some white toms. Today's just one of those girly days I guess.

I curl my hair and grab my make up bag. I grab the eyeliner and apply it onto my waterline. Next, I put mascara on my dark eyelashes and to end it off I put some soft light skin color blush onto my cheeks. By 12:20 i'm ready and girlied up. I place my phone into my jean jacket pocket and wait in the living room for Zayn. After about five minutes pass by, my doorbell rings. I sit up from the couch and walk over to the door. I open it and Zayn looks flawless as always. He has a white polo on, tan colored khaki type pants, and white supras. His hair is sleeked back, and put up into a sexy quiff.

"Jade.. You, you.. Look.. Great." He stutters while smiling.

"Thanks." I bring my head down, and feel myself start to blush.

I shut my door and walk over to Zayn's truck. Zayn opens the door for me and I thank him, and he hops over to his side and gets in.

He starts the truck and begins to drive.

"So, where are we going out to eat lunch?" I ask curiously.

"Um.. I decided to make us some lunch myself." His cheeks redden and I smile.

This boy is too darn cute.

"That's amazing."

"I hope you'll like it." He chuckles while glancing over at me.

"I'm sure I will."


Once Zayn puts the truck in park, I notice that we are at a empty grassland filled with beautiful purple and yellow flowers everywhere. I admire the land from the windshield, until Zayn breaks my thoughts by opening my door.

I step out and Zayn is holding a brown picnic basket in his hand and a yellow blanket in the other.

He sets the blanket down on the floor, and we sit. He takes out loads and loads of food, and I can't help it but chuckle.

"What?" Zayn asks about my laugh.

"You made a lot of food." I smile.

"Well, yeah.. I didn't know what you liked, so I made a bunch of everything." He laughs.

I stare down at sandwiches, salads, pies, bowls of pasta, and cake deserts.

We eat only about half of the food, and even have a little food fight. One piece of lettuce being thrown turned into a salad war.

"What time is it?" I ask while wiping my mouth with a folded napkin.

Zayn takes out his phone and checks.

"Shit." Zayn says.

"What?" I ask.

"I'm late.. For my session." He rubs his temples with his hand.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to be late for.."

"Don't be sorry love.. It's not your fault, it's mines." He chuckled while cutting me off.

I laughed along, and we cleaned up and headed back to Zayn's truck.

Once he got in front of my house, he put the truck in park.

"Um, i'm gunna head home to change again and go work my ass off boxing, since my trainers gunna be pissed. Text me?" He asks.

"Of course." I smile.

"I had an amazing time with you this evening Zayn.. I really did." I add.

"So did I, a lot." He smiles.

I nod and head out of his truck, and walk into my house.

Entering my bedroom, I stripped my dress and jacket off. I put on some ripped shorts and red t-shirt. I tie my hair up into a messy bun, and lie down on my bed. I text Zayn, and hope that he doesn't get in too much trouble for being late.

To: Zayn

"I hope you don't get in much trouble because of me! :/ "

While waiting for Zayn to reply back, I came up with an idea..

I should show up at the gym and surprise him.

I slip on some red high top converses and leave my house, heading off to Max's Gym.

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