Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


7. ~stay~

(Sarah pov)

"I don't want to face them without knowing Ruth and Nicola first." "That's fine I understand that. Would you like to meet Ruth tomorrow we are suppose to have lunch tomorrow." Liam asked me. "Sure is it just you and Ruth or is Nicola joining?" "It's just me and Ruth." He assured me. "Okay Liam. I'll go and meet Ruth. She is the oldest right?" "Out of the girls yes." "Okay." I said. "Night lil sis." Liam was about to walk into the hallway. "Liam?" "Yes Sarbear?" "Can you stay with me tonight?" I asked in a shy voice. "Yea I'll stay with you Sarbear." Liam walked over and got in bed next to me. "Hey Liam?" "Yes." "What is mum like?" I asked Liam. "She's really nice Sarah and so is dad. We will figure out why they gave you up though okay." "Okay thanks Liam." "Your welcome baby." I soon fell asleep in Liam's arms.

What do you think so far??



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