Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


4. ~ride to a new life~

(Sarah pov)

I walked into Mrs. Shinny's office to see Liam still there. "Hey Sarah ready to go?" Liam asked me. "Yea I guess." "What's the matter love?" "It's just I have been here my whole life." "It's going to be a hard change I know but don't worry I'll help you through it." "Okay Liam." I said and walked out of Mrs. Shinny's office to the parking lot to find a bus parked there instead of a car. "Sarah it's okay the other lads are inside." "I know it's just Lou scares me he is to loud. Niall looks like he's going to eat me at any minute. Zayn I'm defiantly scared of cuz all the tattoos he looks dangerous. Last Harry he looks all innocent but I can tell he's hiding something. Then there's you." "What about me?" Liam asks me. "It seems like I have seen you in a dream before. The difference in between you and the lads is your not scary to me they are." "Well you can come to me for anything okay kiddo." "K." I said. I finally got on the bus after Liam had to pick me up and carry me on the bus. "Liam?" "Yes Sarah?" "Do you know who my parents are?" "Sarah..... I'm sorry." And he hugged me I'm so confused.

What do you guys think so far? Do you think Liam will tell Sarah or will Sarah figure out by herself?



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