Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


2. ~getting to the adoption center~

(Liam pov)

It was 6:45 and our appointment to meet Mrs. Shinny was at 7. "Boys are you coming or not?" "Liam calm down we have time." Niall said. "Niall we have a 10 minute drive and we have 15 minutes to get there." "K hang on. I got this." Niall said. I watched as Niall went to the bottom of the steps and yelled," If you don't get down here on the way home when we stop at Nando's I get your food." Then I heard everybody running down stairs. "Thanks Niall." "Welcome Liam. Now everybody in the car we have a 10 minute drive to Mrs. Shinny's adoption center." Niall ordered. In the car we blared One Direction music SOML was on so we sang as our parts came on. When the song ended we were at the adoption center. "Ready for this Liam?" Niall asked me. "Yea. I am ready." We walked in and saw a little girl that looked about 13 with brown hair and brown eyes sitting outside Mrs. Shinny's office. I wonder if she is in trouble. "Hi I'm Liam what's your name?" I ask her. "Sarah." "Well Sarah are you in trouble?" "No I was told somebody was interested in adopting me. I don't think they will adopt me when they find out my past." Sarah said. "And what's your past Sarah?" "I have been in this place since age 3. I have brain problems. My parents left me in the hospital as a baby and never came back for me." "Well Sarah I am very very sorry to hear that how about you come with me into Mrs. Shinny's office okay?" "Ok." She was really nice but she was really quiet. I could tell she got scared easily because she was shaking when I was talking to her.

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