Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


14. ~beautiful~

(Niall pov)

We have been waiting for Sarah and Frizzy to come down stairs for an hour now. "Zayn who's concert are you taking them too?" I asked. "Little Mix concert why?" Zayn replied. "I was just wondering." We heard footsteps coming down the stairs and we all looked. First down was Frizzy. She was wearing a purple dress with silver heels. She had eyeliner and mascara on too. "You look really pretty sis." Louis said. Frizzy just gave a small smile and looked to the ground. While everybody was talking to Frizzy I went walking upstairs. I got to Sarah's room door and knocked. "Hello?" I asked. "What?" Sarah asked. "Open the door everybody is waiting downstairs for you." Sarah came and opened the door and I was shocked. She had silver heels on with it. "Sarah you look fantastic." I said. Sarah looked to the floor blushing. "Hey don't be embarrassed. Being beautiful isn't a crime." I said to Sarah. "Thanks Niall." I went to walk out of the room when I heard Sarah saying my name. "Yes Sarah?" "Are you coming with us tonight to the concert?" Sarah asked me. "Do you want me to come?" "Yea I don't really know Frizzy and it looks like Zayn will be talking with her all night so I will be alone." "K well Zayn got an extra ticket if you wanted to take one of us boys with you." "Niall thank you." "Your welcome Sarah. Now come on everybody is waiting on you to come down." I said to Sarah while taking her hand and pulling to the top of the stairs. "Ok now Sarah come on. You look beautiful." Sarah nodded and came with me downstairs. Nobody noticed me and Sarah walking downstairs. We finally sat on the couch when everybody noticed we were down here. "Hey sis you look very beautiful in that dress. It makes your eyes pop out." Liam said. "Thanks Liam." Sarah replied looking down. "Well we should get going if we are going to eat." Zayn said. "Oh Zayn, is it fine if Niall comes with us to the concert?" "Yea I got an extra pass." "Thanks Zayn." Sarah said running up and hugging Zayn around the waist because she is so short. "Well let's go eat!" I said picking up Sarah and running to the car.

I'm a little while I'm going to have a contest so.......... Good luck!



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