Hi my name Sarah. Don't ask my last name because I don't know it. My parents left me as a baby because of brain problems. When I was 3 I went in to foster care at Mrs. Shinny's adoption center. I have never left the adoption center because people don't want to deal with my brain problems. I have brown hair and brown eyes.


24. ~almost home~


We were about an hour away from Doncaster and Liam was driving. Sarah and Mikayla were awake but Jessica is still sleeping. I'm really worried because if Lottie and Frizzy don't remember them will mum. Wait! Of course she will remember her own kids. A while ago Sarah handed me a Little Mix cd and had me put it in. They were in the back singing along to the songs. I can't believe my sisters are turning out little me. They are in the music business and are in a band. "Lou?" I heard from the back seat. I turned around to find Jessica waking up. "Yes Jessica?" "Why did we have to go with dad? Why couldn't we of stayed with mum?" Jessica asked. "Jessica. I don't know and I missed you guys everyday of my life I never stopped thinking of you two. I would like to know why also you had to go with dad and not stay with mum." I said. After I said that all I heard was the girls singing. "Hey Lou?" "Yes Liam?" "You love them don't you?" Liam asked. "More than anything you could ever know. I missed them 24/7 all thous hours in the studio when I said I was just tired I was thinking about them. What they looked like, will I ever see them again, what are they like, how is dad doing? All thous questions were in my head all the time and I will never know how dad is doing now because he died. And I miss him so much I still remember him reading me story's when I was a little lad." I told Liam. "Wow I will never understand that and I will never understand why my parents gave Sarah up for adoption either. We both found our lost family members by fate and we need to hold them and never let them go. We will figure out why our family's did this but just give it some time." Liam said. "Okay." I said. By the time our conversation was over the girls cd was over and Sarah was handing me another one.


I didn't see the cd Sarah was having Lou put in. "Hey Boo Lou?" I said. "Yes Jessy?" "How long until we get there?" "About 30 minutes." Liam said. "Okay thanks Liam." I said. Wow in 30 minutes I will come face to face with Lottie, Frizzy, and mum again. In all honesty I'm scared. What if mum doesn't remember us and Lou has to explain everything? This is bad because if nobody remembers us then they won't believe us. "Jessica, Mikayla. Welcome home." Lou said as Liam drove up this long driveway to a really beautiful house. It wasn't to big or to small. In the front yard of the house was 2 girls outside playing and a women sitting on the porch drinking tea. "Lou were are we?" "This girls is home. There is Lottie and Frizzy and mum is on the porch." I saw Lottie and Frizzy run over to the car. Lottie has the same color eyes as Mikayla and me also Lou too. Lottie is a blonde and Frizzy is a brunet. They are both really really pretty then I saw her. Mum was walking over to the car while Lottie and Frizzy were running over. Louis got out of the car just before the girls got there and they tackled him in a hug. I heard mum say "Louis? Is that you?" "Yes mum hi." Lou said. I saw Liam typing away on his phone not paying attention that Lottie and Frizzy were coming over the drivers side of the car. The girls quickly opened the door and jumped on Liam. "Alright I'll give you guys hugs if you get off of me and let me out of the car." Liam said. Thy quickly got off of Liam and waited for him to get out of the car then they gave him hugs. All of us girls looked at each other took a breath and got out of the car.............

~To Be Continued~

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