Youtuber imagines!

If you don't know what an imagine is, it is a short 1 chapter story about you and who you want to be paired up with. This imagine pairs you up with youtubers. All you have to do is leave the information as seen in paragraph one. Thanks for reading, stay amazing my fruitloops!

This book will not make dirty imagines sorry :(


3. Shane and Chey


            You knew today was going to be a great day. You had the whole day to hang out with your best friend Shane Dawson! You were waiting at your house for Shane to come pick you up. Shane had finally arrived. You jumped into his car and the two of you with a couple friends, go to get some frozen yogurt. "I will pay for all of the fro-yo!" Shane announced. You , Shane, and everybody else got the best fro-yo you ever tasted.

           After that you were at Shane's house and the others had left. You filmed a very funny video. Then you made another one and it was the cinnamon challenge. You won! Shane spit the cinnamon out the moment it touched his tongue. You loved hanging out with Shane because he had the very best sense of humor.

            Finally you, Shane, and some friends went out to the movies. You saw a great movie and had some AMAZING pop-corn. You were having the best night of your life so far and you didn't want it to end. But the night did finally end. You said goodbye to Shane and your friends and headed home. "That was AWESOME!" You said as you flopped down on your couch and fell asleep.


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