Youtuber imagines!

If you don't know what an imagine is, it is a short 1 chapter story about you and who you want to be paired up with. This imagine pairs you up with youtubers. All you have to do is leave the information as seen in paragraph one. Thanks for reading, stay amazing my fruitloops!

This book will not make dirty imagines sorry :(


2. Lindi and Joe


           You were driving Joe's new and expensive car to get some Starbucks for the two of you. The Sun was pretty much blinding you so you could barely see the other cars. You tried to see if there were any sunglasses anywhere but you just had to keep your eyes on the road. Suddenly, BAM! You crashed into the car in the front of you. You managed not to get hurt but Joe's new car was totally wrecked.

            When you got home Joe was sitting on the couch biting his nails while looking worried. "There you are Lindi I was worried sick something happened!" He said while standing up and walking towards you. "Actually something DID happen" you said while nervously biting your lip. You took his hand and showed him his damaged car. Joe's eyes pretty much popped out of his head. His jaw dropped. "How the heck did this happen?!" He asked. You put your hands over your face trying not to burst into tears. Joe shook his head and said "I can't believe this happened I thought I could trust you.". "I'm so sorry" you said quietly. "This is going to cost me a fortune Lindi, a FORTUNE!" He said very disappointedly. You sat in the driveway for a little while whipping of the tears.

        When you went inside Joe looked at you and then just gave you a hug. He looked deeply into your pretty brown eyes and said "I'm sorry for the way I acted, I should have been more worried about you rather than my stupid car" he said. You smiled at him. "I would rather spend 1,000,000,000,000£ than have you get hurt...I love you" He told you. "I love you too" you said as he kissed the top of your head.


                                                                     THE END

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